Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
2. Sensation
(ii) Specific Light

430. Whiteness.

   NOUN:WHITENESS &c. adj.; whitishness, canescence; argent, argentine.
  ALBIFICATION, albication, albinism, albinoism; leucopathy, leucoderma or leucodermia [med.], dealbation, albescence, etiolation; lactescence.
  [COMPARISONS] snow, paper, chalk, milk, lily, ivory, silver, alabaster; albata, eburin or eburine or eburite, German silver, white metal, barium sulphate, blanc fixe [F.], pearl white; white lead, ceruse, carbonate of lead, Paris white, zinc white, flake white, Chinese white.
  WHITEWASH, whiting, whitening, calcimine.
   VERB:BE WHITE &c. adj.
  RENDER WHITE &c. adj.; whiten, bleach, blanch, etiolate, silver, besnow, dealbate [obs.], albify [rare], frost.
  WHITEWASH, calcimine, white.
   ADJECTIVE:WHITE; snow-white; snowy, niveous; candent, candid [archaic], frosted, hoar, hoary; silvery, silver, argent, argentine; canescent, chalky, cretaceous; lactescent, milk-white, milky, marmoreal or marmorean; albificative, albicant, albescent; albinistic.
  white as -a sheet, – driven snow, – a lily, – silver; like ivory &c. n.
  WHITISH, creamy, pearly, ivory, fair, blond, ash-blond; blanched &c. v.; high in tone, light.
  1. Lawn as white as driven snow.—Shakespeare
  2. The white radiance of eternity.—Shelley
  3. The chief assertion of religious morality is that white is a colour.—Chesterton