Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section I. Nature of Ideas Communicated

524. Interpreter.

   NOUN:INTERPRETER (fem. interpretress), translator, expositor, expounder, exponent, explainer; demonstrator.
  COMMENTATOR, scholiast, annotator; metaphrast, paraphrast; glossarist, prolocutor.
  SPOKESMAN, speaker, mouthpiece, foreman of the jury; mediator, delegate, exponent, representative, diplomatic agent, ambassador, plenipotentiary; advocate, judge, Supreme Court.
  GUIDE, dragoman, courier, valet de place [F.], cicerone, showman, barker [colloq.], oneirocritic; Œdipus, Joseph; oracle [See Oracle].