Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section III. Means of Communicating Ideas
1. Natural Means

554. Representation.

   NOUN:REPRESENTATION, depiction, depicture; imitation [See Imitation]; illustration, delineation, depictment; imagery, portraiture, iconography; design, designing; art, fine arts; painting [See Painting and Black and White]; sculpture [See Sculpture]; engraving [See Engraving].
  PHOTOGRAPHY; radiography, X-ray photography, skiagraphy; spectroheliography, photospectroheliography.
  PERSONATION, personification; impersonation; drama [See The Drama].
  DRAWING, picture, sketch, draft or draught; tracing; copy [See Copy].
  PHOTOGRAPH, photo [colloq.], daguerreotype, talbotype, calotype; heliotype, heliograph; print, cabinet, carte de visite (pl. cartes de visite) [F.], ping-pong [cant], snapshot.
  IMAGE, likeness, icon, portrait; striking likeness, speaking likeness; very image; effigy, facsimile.
  FIGURE, figurehead; puppet, doll, figurine, aglet or aiglet, manikin, mannequin, lay figure, model, marionette, fantoccini, waxwork, bust; statue, statuette, hieroglyph.
  hieroglyphic, anaglyph, diagram, monogram.
  MAP, plan, chart; ground plan, projection, elevation; atlas; outline, scheme; view (painting) [See Painting and Black and White]; ichnography, cartography.
  RADIOGRAPH, radiogram, scotograph, skiagraph or sciagraph, skiagram or sciagram, X-ray photograph, X-ray [colloq.]; spectrogram, spectroheliogram, photospectroheliogram.
  DELINEATOR, draftsman or draughtsman; artist [See Artist]; photographer, radiographer, X-ray photographer, skiagrapher, daguerreotypist.
   VERB:REPRESENT, delineate, depict, depicture, portray, picture, limn, take -, catch- a likeness &c. n.; hit off, photograph, daguerreotype; snapshot; figure; shadow -forth, – out; adumbrate; body forth; describe [See Description]; trace, copy; mold or mould.
  illustrate, symbolize; paint [See Painting and Black and White]; carve [See Sculpture]; engrave [See Engraving].
  PERSONATE, personify, impersonate, dress up [colloq.], assume a character, pose as, act; play (drama) [See The Drama]; mimic (imitate) [See Imitation]; hold the mirror up to nature.
   ADJECTIVE:REPRESENTING &c. v., representative; illustrative; represented &c. v.; imitative, figurative; iconic, like [See Similarity]; graphic (descriptive) [See Description].
  Renaissance, trecento, quattrocento, cinquecento, Directoire, Moyen Age.
   QUOTATION:Passionless eyes, long dead, that judged and glared.—Masefield