Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section III. Means of Communicating Ideas
Various Qualities of Style

573. Diffuseness.

   NOUN:DIFFUSENESS &c. adj.; amplification &c. v.; dilating &c. v.; verbosity, wordiness; verbiage, cloud of words, copia verborum [L.]; flow of words (loquacity) [See Loquacity]; looseness.
  TAUTOLOGY, battology, polylogy [obs.], perissology [obs.]; pleonasm, exuberance, redundance; thrice-told tale; prolixity, longiloquence, longsomeness, circumlocution, ambages [rare], periphrase, periphrasis, roundabout phrases; episode; expletive; penny-a-lining; richness [See Ornament]; padding [editor’s cant]; drivel, twaddle, drool.
   VERB:BE DIFFUSE &c. adj.; run out on, descant, expatiate, enlarge, dilate, amplify, expand, inflate, pad [editor’s cant], launch out, branch out; rant.
  MAUNDER, prose; harp upon (repeat) [See Repetition]; dwell on, insist upon.
  DIGRESS, ramble, battre la campagne [F.], beat about the bush, perorate, spin a long yarn, protract; spin -, swell -, draw- out; battologize or battalogize; drivel, twaddle, drool.
   ADJECTIVE:DIFFUSE, profuse; wordy, verbose, largiloquent [obs.], copious, exuberant, pleonastic, lengthy; long, long-some, long-winded, longspun, long drawn out; spun out, protracted, prolix, diffusive, prosing, maundering; circumlocutory, periphrastic, ambagious or ambaguious, ambagitory, roundabout; digressive; discursive, excursive; loose; rambling, episodic; flatulent, frothy.
   ADVERB:DIFFUSELY &c. adj.; at large, in extenso [L.]; about it and about.
   QUOTATION:Thou sayest an undisputed thing In such a solemn way.—Holmes