Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section III. Means of Communicating Ideas
3. Written Language

591. Printing.

   NOUN:PRINTING; block -, type- printing; linotype, monotype; plate printing (engraving) [See Engraving]; the press (publication) [See Publication]; composition.
  PRINT, letterpress, text, matter; live -, standing -, dead- matter; copy; context, page, column, note, section; catch-word; running head, running title; signature; justification; dummy.
  folio (book) [See Book]; copy, impression, pull, proof, revise, advance sheets; author’s -, galley -, page -, plate -, press- proof; press revise.
  TYPOGRAPHY; stereotype, electrotype; matrix; font or fount; pi or pie; roman, italics; capitals (letters) [See Letter], caps., small caps., upper case, lower case; logotype; type-bar, type-slug; type-body; em, en; type measure, type scale; type casting, type metal, type mold, typograph; type foundry, letter foundry; composing stick, stick; composing -frame, – rule, – stand; foot stick; chase, form, galley, measure, scale, case, boxes; gauge, gauge pin, feed gauge, guide, dabber, gutter, gutter stick; brayer, boss, batter, bank; bearer, guard; bed, blanket, tympan, turtle, platen, bevel, burr, frame, frisket, gripper; quadrat, quad; quoin, slug, slur, ratchet, reglet; guillotine, rounce, cylinder; overlay, underlay, sinkage, macule; platen press, perfecting machine; printing-press, printing-machine; presswork; sheet work; off-cut, off-print; set-off; off-set, smut; turn, turned letter; bookplate, bookstamp, colophon; composing room, press room.
  SPACE, 3-em, thick space; 4-em, 5-em, thin space; 6-em, hair space; patent space.
  METAL TYPE, body, shank, face, shoulder, counter, serif or ceriph, stem, beard, groove, feet.
  STYLES OF TYPE: Old English, Black Letter, German Text, Gothic, Antique, Clarendon, Boldface or Full-face, French Elzevir, Caslon Old Style, Ionic, Script, Typewriter.
  POINT SYSTEM: 4 1/2 point (diamond), 5 pt. (pearl), 5 1/2 pt. (agate or ruby), 6 pt. (nonpareil), 7 pt. (minion), 8 pt. (brevier), 9 pt. (bourgeois), 10 pt. (long primer), 11 pt. (small pica), 12 pt. (pica), 14 pt. (English), 16 pt. (Columbian), 18 pt. (great primer).
  PRINTER, compositor, reader, proof reader; printer’s devil; copyholder.
   VERB:PRINT; compose; put -, go- to press; pass -, see- through the press; publish [See Publication]; bring out; appear in -, rush into- print; set up, stick [cant], make-up, impose, justify, macule or mackle, mortise, offset, overrun, rout.
  DISTRIBUTE, pi or pie, pi a form.
   ADJECTIVE:TYPOGRAPHICAL &c. n.; printed &c. v.; in type; solid in galleys; kerned, deckle-edged; boldfaced or full-faced; pied.