Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section I. Volition in General
1. Acts of Volition

606. Obstinacy.

   NOUN:OBSTINATENESS &c. adj.; obstinacy, tenacity; cussedness [U. S.]; perseverance [See Resolution]a; immovability; old school; inflexibility (hardness) [See Hardness]; obduracy, obduration [rare], obdurateness, doggedness, dogged resolution; resolution [See Resolution]; ruling passion; blind side.
  self-will, contumacy, perversity; pervicaciousness [rare], pervicacy [obs.], pervicacity [obs.]; indocility [obs.].
  BIGOTRY, intolerance, dogmatism; opiniatry [obs.], opiniativeness [rare]; impersuasibility, impersuadableness; intractableness, incorrigibility; fixed idea (prejudgment) [See Misjudgment]; fanaticism, zealotry, infatuation, monomania; opinionatedness, opinionativeness.
  BIGOT, opinionist [obs.], opinionatist [obs.], opiniator [obs.], opinator [obs.]; stickler, dogmatist, zealot, enthusiast, fanatic, bitter-ender [colloq.]; mule.
   VERB:BE OBSTINATE &c. adj.; stickle, take no denial, fly in the face of facts; opinionate [rare], be wedded to an opinion, hug a belief; have one’s own way (will) [See Will]; persist (persevere) [See Resolution]a; have -, insist on having- the last word.
  DIE HARD, die fighting, fight to the last ditch, fight against destiny, not yield an inch, stand out.
   ADJECTIVE:obstinate, tenacious, stubborn, obdurate, casehardened; inflexible (hard) [See Hardness]; balky; immovable, not to be moved; inert [See Inertness]; unchangeable [See Stability]; inexorable (determined) [See Resolution]; mulish, obstinate as a mule, pig-headed.
  dogged; sullen, sulky; unmoved, uninfluenced, unaffected.
  WILLFUL or wilful, self-willed, perverse; resty [dial. Eng.], restive, pervicacious [rare], ungovernable, wayward, refractory, unruly; heady, headstrong; entêté [F.]; contumacious; crossgrained.
  arbitrary, dogmatic, positive, bigoted, opinionated, opinionative, opinionate [obs.], opinioned, opiniative [rare]; prejudiced [See Misjudgment]; creed-bound; prepossessed, infatuated; stiff-backed, stiff-necked, stiff-hearted; hard-mouthed, hidebound; unyielding; impervious, impracticable, impersuasible, impersuadable, unpersuadable; untractable, intractable; incorrigible, deaf to advice, impervious to reason; crotchety [See Caprice].
   ADVERB:obstinately &c. adj.; with set jaw, with sullen mouth; no surrender.
  1. Non possumus.
  2. No surrender.
  3. Ils n’ont rien appris ni rien oublié.
  4. Other people are obstinate, I am firm.
  5. Lest any foreigner should alter their laws, which are bad, but not to be altered by mere aliens.—Dunsany