Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section I. Volition in General
1. Acts of Volition

609. Choice.

   NOUN:CHOICE, option; discretion (volition) [See Will]; preoption; alternative; dilemma, embarras de choix [F.]; adoption, coöptation; novation [law]; decision (judgment) [See Judgment].
  ELECTION, poll, ballot, vote, division, voice, suffrage, cumulative vote; plebiscitum, plebiscite, vox populi [L.], popular decision, referendum; electioneering; voting &c. v.; elective franchise; straight ticket, ticket [U. S.]; ballot-box.
  SELECTION, excerption, gleaning, eclecticism; excerpta [L.]; gleanings, cuttings, scissors and paste; pick (best) [See Perfection].
  PREFERENCE, prelation [rare]; predilection (desire) [See Desire]; Apple of Discord; choice of Hercules; Scylla and Charybdis; good and evil.
   VERB:OFFER FOR ONE’S CHOICE, set before; hold out -, present -, offer- the alternative; put to the vote.
  CHOOSE, elect; coöpt, coöptate [rare]; take -, make- one’s choice; make choice of, fix upon; use -, exercise -, one’s- -discretion, – option; adopt, take up, embrace, espouse.
  settle; decide (adjudge) [See Judgment]; list (will) [See Will]; make up one’s mind (resolve) [See Resolution].
  VOTE, poll, hold up one’s hand, give a (or the) voting sign; divide.
  SELECT; pick, – and choose; pick -, single- out; excerpt, cull, glean, winnow; sift -, separate -, winnow- the chaff from the wheat; pick up, pitch upon; pick one’s way; indulge one’s fancy.
  set apart, mark out for; mark [See Indication].
  PREFER; have rather, had (or would) as lief; fancy (desire) [See Desire]; reserve, set one’s seal upon; be persuaded [See Motive].
  TAKE A DECIDED STEP, take a decisive step; commit oneself to a course; pass -, cross- the Rubicon; cast in one’s lot with; take for better or for worse.
   ADJECTIVE:OPTIONAL; coöptative; discretional (voluntary) [See Will]; at choice, on approval.
  CHOOSING &c. v.; eclectic; preferential.
  CHOSEN &c. v.; choice (good) [See Goodness]; elect, select, popular.
   ADVERB:OPTIONALLY &c. adj.; at pleasure (will) [See Will]; either, – the one or the other; or; at the option of; whether or not; once for all; for one’s money.
  BY CHOICE, by preference; in preference; rather, before.