Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section IV. Antagonism
2. Active Antagonism

722. Warfare.

   NOUN:WARFARE; fighting &c. v.; hostilities; war, arms, the sword; Mars, Bellona, grim-visaged war, horrida bella [L.]; bloodshed.
  appeal to -arms, – the sword; ordeal -, wager- of battle; ultima ratio regum [L.], arbitrament of the sword, declaration of war.
  battle array, campaign, crusade, expedition; mobilization; state of siege; battlefield (arena) [See Arena]; warpath.
  ART OF WAR, rules of war, the war game, tactics, strategy, castrametation; generalship, soldiership; military evolutions, ballistics, gunnery; aviation; chivalry; gunpowder, shot, shell, poison gas.
  battle, conflict (contention) [See Contention]; service, campaigning, active service, tented field; kriegspiel or Kriegsspiel [Ger.], fiery cross, trumpet, clarion, bugle, pibroch, slogan; war cry, war whoop; battle cry, beat of drum, rappel [F.], tom-tom; word of command; password, watchword; passage d’armes [F.].
  war to the -death, – knife; guerre à -mort, – outrance [F.]; open -, trench -, guerrilla (or guerilla) -, internecine -, civil- war (or warfare).
  WAR MEDAL, military medal, Victoria Cross, V. C., croix de guerre [F.], médaille militaire [F.], iron cross [Ger.].
  WAR NEWS, war bulletin, war extra; war correspondent.
   VERB:ARM; prepare for war; raise -, mobilize- troops; raise up in arms; take up the udgels [See Contention]; take up -, fly to -, appeal to- -arms, – the sword; draw -, unsheathe- the sword; dig up the -hatchet, – tomahawk.
  WAR, make war, go to war, declare war, wage war, “let slip the dogs of war” [Julius Cæsar]; cry havoc; kindle -, light- the torch of war; raise one’s banner, send round the fiery cross, hoist the black flag; throw -, fling- away the scabbard; take the field; take the law into one’s own hands; do -, give -, join -, engage in -, go to- battle; flesh one’s sword; set to, fall to, engage, measure swords with, draw the trigger, cross swords; come to -blows, – close quarters; fight; combat; contend [See Contention]; battle with, break a lance with.
  SERVE; enroll; enlist; see -, be on- -service, – active service; campaign; wield the sword, shoulder a musket, smell powder, be under fire; spill blood, imbrue the hands in blood; be on the warpath.
  carry on -war, – hostilities; keep the field; fight the good fight; take by storm; go over the top [colloq.]; fight -it out, – like devils, – one’s way, – hand to hand; cut one’s way -out, – through; sell one’s life dearly.
   ADJECTIVE:ARMED, – to the teeth, – cap-a-pie; sword in hand; contending, contentious [See Contention]; in -, under -, up in- arms; at war with; bristling with arms; in battle array, in open arms, in the field; embattled; battled.
  WARLIKE, belligerent, combative, armigerous, bellicose, martial, unpacific, unpeaceful; military, militant; soldier like, soldierly, chivalrous; strategical, civil, internecine; irregular, guerrilla or guerilla.
   ADVERB:flagrante bello [L.], in the thick of the fray, in the cannon’s mouth; at the sword’s point, at the point of the bayonet.
   INTERJECTION:TO ARMS! vœ victis! [L.] to your tents O Israel! c’est la guerre! [F.].    QUOTATIONS:
  1. The battle rages.
  2. À la guerre comme à la guerre.
  3. Bis peccare in bello non licet.
  4. Jus gladii.
  5. My voice is still for war.—Addison
  6. My sentence is for open war.—Milton
  7. Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war.—Othello
  8. The cannons have their bowels full of wrath.—King John
  9. The cannons … spit forth their iron indignation.—King John
  10. The fire-eyed maid of smoky war.—I Henry IV
  11. Silent leges inter arma.—Cicero
  12. O war! thou son of hell Whom angry heavens do make their minister.—II Henry VI
  13. So frowned the mighty combatants that hell Grew darker at their frown.—Paradise Lost
  14. Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.—Wellington
  15. Charge, Chester, charge! On, Stanley, on!—Scott
  16. There never was a good war or a bad peace.—Franklin
  17. Battle’s magnificently stern array!—Byron
  18. But stay, I do not like Undue assassination.—Gilbert
  19. Si vis pacem para bellum.
  20. Hard hitting is the best parry.—Roosevelt
  21. If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is for ever England.—Rupert Brooke