Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section V. Results of Voluntary Action

729. Completion.

   NOUN:COMPLETION; accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment or fulfilment; performance, execution; dispatch or despatch, consummation, culmination; finish, conclusion; limit, effectuation; close (end) [See End]; terminus (arrival) [See Arrival]; winding up; finale [It.], dénouement [F.], catastrophe, issue, upshot, result; final -, last -, crowning -, finishing- -touch, – stroke; last finish, coup de grâce [F.]; crowning of the edifice; coping stone, copestone, keystone; missing link [See Incompleteness]; superstructure, ne plus ultra [L.], work done, fait accompli [F.].
  elaboration; finality; completeness [See Completeness].
   VERB:COMPLETE, perfect; effect, effectuate; accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out; bring to -maturity, – perfection; elaborate.
  DO, execute, make; go -, get- through; work out, enact; bring -about, – to bear, – to pass, – through, – to a head.
  dispatch or despatch, knock off [colloq.], finish off, polish off; make short work of; dispose of, set at rest; perform, discharge fulfill or fulfil, realize; put in -practice, – force; carry -out, – into effect, – into execution; make good; be as good as one’s word.
  DO THOROUGHLY, not do by halves, go the whole hog [colloq.]; drive home; be in at the death (persevere) [See Resolution]; carry through, deliver the goods [colloq., U. S.], play out, exhaust; fill the bill [colloq., U. S.].
  FINISH, bring to a close (end) [See End]; wind up, stamp, clinch, seal, set the seal on, put the seal to; give the final touch &c. n. to; put the -last, – finishing- touch to; crown, crown all; cap.
  ripen, culminate; come to a -head, – crisis; come to its end; die a natural death, die of old age; run its course, run one’s race; touch -, reach -, attain- the goal; reach (arrive) [See Arrival]; get in the harvest.
   ADJECTIVE:COMPLETING, final; concluding, conclusive; crowning &c. v.; exhaustive, elaborate, complete, mature, perfect, consummate, thorough.
  DONE, completed &c. v.; done for [colloq.], sped, wrought out; highly wrought (preparation) [See Preparation]; thorough [See Completeness]; ripe (ready) [See Preparation].
   ADVERB:COMPLETELY (thoroughly) [See Completeness]; to crown all, out of hand; with absolute -perfection, – finish; as a last stroke; as a fitting climax.
  1. The race is run.
  2. Actum est.
  3. Finis coronat opus.
  4. Consummatum est.
  5. C’en est fait.
  6. It is all over.
  7. The game is played out, the bubble has burst.
  8. Aussitôt dit aussitôt fait.
  9. Aut non tentaris aut perfice.—Ovid
  10. Life is as just as Death; Life pays its debt.—Masefield