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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section IV. Order
3. Collective Order

73. Nonassemblage. Dispersion.

   NOUN:DISPERSION; disjunction [See Disjunction]; divergence [See Divergence]; aspersion; scattering &c. v.; dissemination, diffusion, dissipation, distribution; apportionment [See Apportionment]; spread, respersion [obs.], circumfusion, interspersion, spargefaction [obs.], affusion.
  WAIFS and estrays, flotsam and jetsam, disjecta membra [Hor.]; waveson.
   VERB:DISPERSE, scatter, sow, disseminate, diffuse, radiate, shed, spread, bestrew, overspread, dispense, disband, disembody, dismember, distribute; apportion [See Apportionment]; blow off, let out, dispel, cast forth, draft (or draught) off; strew, straw [obs.], strow [archaic]; ted; spurtle or spirtle [obs.], cast, sprinkle; issue, deal out, retail, utter; intersperse, resperse [obs.]; set abroach, circumfuse.
  spread like wildfire, disperse themselves.
  TURN ADRIFT, cast adrift; scatter to the winds; sow broadcast.
   ADJECTIVE:UNASSEMBLED &c. (see assemble [See Assemblage]); diffuse, disseminated scattered, strown, strewn, dispersed &c v., dispersive, dissipative, diffusive, dispellent [rare]; sparse, dispread, broadcast, sporadic, widespread; epidemic (general) [See Generality]; adrift, stray; disheveled, streaming resolvent, discutient [med.].
   ADVERB:sparsim [L.], here and there, passim [L.].