Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (II) Intersocial Volition
Section II. Special Intersocial Volition

760. Permission.

   NOUN:PERMISSION, leave; allowance, sufferance; tolerance, toleration; liberty, law, license, concession, grace; indulgence (lenity) [See Lenity]; favor, dispensation, exemption, release; connivance; vouchsafement.
  authorization, warranty [law], accordance, admission.
  PERMIT, warrant, brevet, precept, sanction, authority, firman; hukm [Hind.]; pass, passport; furlough, license, carte blanche [F.], ticket of leave; grant, charter, patent.
   VERB:PERMIT; give permission &c. n., give power; let, allow, admit; suffer, bear with, tolerate, recognize; concede [See Consent]; accord, vouchsafe, favor, humor, gratify, indulge, stretch a point; wink at, connive at; shut one’s eyes to.
  grant, empower, charter, enfranchise, privilege, confer a privilege, license, authorize, warrant; sanction; intrust (commission) [See Commission].
  give carte blanche [F.], give the reins to, give scope to (freedom) [See Freedom]; leave -alone, – it to one, – the door open; open the -door to, – floodgates; give a loose to [obs.].
  ask -, beg -, crave -, request- -leave, – permission.
  LET OFF; absolve (acquit) [See Acquittal]; release, exonerate, dispense with.
   ADJECTIVE:PERMITTING &c. v.; permissive, indulgent.
  PERMITTED &c. v.; patent, chartered, permissible, allowable, lawful, legitimate, legal; legalized (law) [See Legality]; licit; unforbid [archaic], unforbidden; unconditional.
   ADVERB:PERMISSIBLY, licitly; by -, with -, on- leave &c. n.; speciali gratiâ [L.]; under favor of; pace [L.]; ad libitum [L.] (freely) [See Freedom], (at will) [See Will]; by all means (willingly) [See Willingness]; yes (assent) [See Assent].
  1. Avec permission.
  2. Brevet d’invention.
  3. Who has no will but by her high permission.—Burns