Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (II) Intersocial Volition
Section IV. Possessive Relations
2. Transfer of Property

787. Lending.

   NOUN:LENDING &c. v.; loan, advance, accommodation, feneration [obs.]; mortgage (security) [See Security]; investment.
  PAWNSHOP, spout [slang], mont de piété [F.], my uncle’s [slang].
  LENDER, pawnbroker, money lender, usurer, Jew, Shylock.
   VERB:LEND, advance, accommodate with; lend on security; loan; pawn (security) [See Security].
  INVEST; intrust; place -, put- out to interest; place, put; embark, risk, venture, sink, fund.
  LET, lease, set or sett [Scot. law], sublet, sublease, underlet; demise.
   ADJECTIVE:LENDING &c. v.; lent &c. v.; come across (or down) with the needful [slang].
   ADVERB:in advance; on loan, on security.
  1. It is a very good world to live in, To lend, or to spend, or to give in.—attributed to Earl of Rochester
  2. The ruthless usurer’s gold.—Bulwer-Lytton