Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section IV. Order
4. Distributive Order

79. Speciality.

   NOUN:SPECIALITY, spécialité [F.]; individuality, individuity [obs.]; particularity, peculiarity; je ne sais quoi [F.], nescio quid [L.]; idiocrasy (tendency) [See Tendency]; personality, characteristic, mannerism, idiosyncrasy, physiognomic [rare], diagnostic; specificness &c. adj.; singularity (unconformity) [See Unconformity]; reading, version, lection; state; trait; distinctive feature; technicality; differentia.
  PARTICULARS, details, items, counts; minutiæ.
  I, self, I myself; myself, himself, herself, itself.
   VERB:SPECIFY, particularize, individualize, realize, specialize, designate, determine; denote, indicate, point out, select, differentiate, specificize [rare], come to the point.
  ITEMIZE, detail, descend to particulars, enter into detail.
   ADJECTIVE:SPECIAL, particular, individual, specific, proper, personal, original, private, respective, definite, determinate, minute, especial, certain, esoteric, endemic, partial, party, peculiar, marked, intimate, appropriate, several, characteristic, diagnostic, exclusive, restricted; singular (exceptional) [See Unconformity]; idiomatic; typical, representative.
  this, that; yon, yonder.
   ADVERB:SPECIALLY &c. adj.; in particular, in propriâ personâ [L.]; ad hominem [L.]; for my part.
  EACH, apiece, one by one; severally, respectively, each to each; seriatim [NL.], in detail, bit by bit; pro hac vice [L.], pro re natâ [L.].
  NAMELY, that is to say, videlicet [L.], viz.; to wit.
   QUOTATION:Le style est l’homme même.