Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section IV. Order
5. Order as Regards Categories

82. Conformity.

   NOUN:CONFORMITY, conformance; observance; habituation; naturalization; conventionality (custom) [See Habit]; agreement [See Agreement].
  EXAMPLE, instance, specimen, sample, quotation; exemplification, illustration, case in point; object lesson; elucidation.
  PATTERN (prototype) [See Prototype].
  CONVENTIONALIST, formalist, bromide [slang], Philistine.
   VERB:CONFORM TO, conform to rule; accommodate oneself to, adapt oneself to; rub off corners.
  BE REGULAR &c. adj.; move in a groove, move in a rut, travel in a rut; follow-, observe-, go by-, bend to-, obey- -rules, -precedents; agree with, comply with, tally with, chime in with, fall in with; be guided by, be regulated by; fall into a custom, fall into a usage; follow the fashion, follow the multitude; assimilate to, shape, harmonize, conventionalize, pass muster, do as others do, hurler avec les loups [F.]; do at Rome as the Romans do; go with the -stream,-current,-tide; swim with the -stream,-current,-tide; pass current; tread the beaten track (habit) [See Habit]; keep one in countenance.
  EXEMPLIFY, illustrate, example, sample, type [rare], cite, quote, put a case; produce an instance &c. n.; elucidate, explain.
   ADJECTIVE:CONFORMABLE TO RULE; adaptable, consistent, agreeable, compliant; regular [See Rule]; according to regulation, according to rule, according to Cocker, according to Gunter, according to Hoyle [all colloq.]; en règle [F.], selon les règles [F.], well regulated, orderly; symmetric [See Symmetry].
  CONVENTIONAL (customary) [See Habit]; of daily occurrence, of everyday occurrence; in the natural order of things; ordinary, common, habitual, usual, commonplace, prosaic, bromidic [slang], Philistine.
  in the order of the day; naturalized.
  TYPICAL, normal, formal; canonical, orthodox, sound, strict, rigid, positive, uncompromising, Procrustean.
  secundum artem [L.], shipshape, pointdevice [archaic], technical.
  EXEMPLARY, illustrative, in point.
   ADVERB:CONFORMABLY &c. adj.; by rule; agreeably to; in conformity with, in accordance with, in keeping with; according to; consistently with; as usual, ad instar [L.], instar omnium [L.]; more solito [L.], more majorum [L.].
  for the sake of conformity; of course, as a matter of course; pro formâ [L.], for form’s sake, by the card.
  invariably (uniformly) [See Uniformity].
  FOR EXAMPLE, for instance; exempli gratiâ [L.]; e. g.; inter alia [L.].
  1. Cela va sans dire.
  2. Ex pede Herculem.
  3. Noscitur a sociis.
  4. Ne e quovis ligno Mercurius fiat.—Erasmus
  5. They are happy men whose natures sort with their vocations.—Bacon