Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
3. Prospective Affections

868. Fastidiousness.

   NOUN:FASTIDIOUSNESS &c. adj.; nicety, meticulosity, hypercriticism, difficulty in being pleased; friandise [F.], epicurism, omnia suspendens naso [L.].
  DISCRIMINATION, discernment, perspicacity, perspicaciousness [rare], keenness, sharpness, insight.
  EPICURE, gourmet.
  [EXCESS OF DELICACY] prudery, prudishness, primness.
   VERB:BE FASTIDIOUS &c. adj.; split hairs; hunt for the crumpled rose-leaf.
  mince the matter; turn up one’s nose at (disdain) [See Contempt]; look a gift horse in the mouth, see spots on the sun; see the mote in one’s brother’s eye.
  DISCRIMINATE, have nice discrimination; have exquisite taste; be discriminative &c. adj.
   ADJECTIVE:FASTIDIOUS, nice, delicate, délicat [F.]; meticulous, finicking or finicky or finikin, exacting, finical; difficult, dainty, lickerish, squeamish, thinskinned; queasy; hard -, difficult- to please; querulous; particular, scrupulous; censorious [See Disapprobation]; hypercritical; overcritical.
  PRUDISH, strait-laced, prim.
  DISCRIMINATIVE, discriminating, discerning, discriminant [rare], judicious, keen, sharp, perspicacious.
  1. Noli me tangere.
  2. You are idle, shallow things: I am not of your element.—Twelfth Night