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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section II. Personal Affections
5. Extrinsic Affections

885. [Undue Assumption of Superiority.] Insolence.

   NOUN:INSOLENCE, brashness, brazenness, malapertness; haughtiness &c. adj.; arrogance, airs; bumptiousness, toploftiness [colloq.], assumption, presumption; assumption of infallibility; contumely, disdain, insult; overbearance, domineering &c. v.; bluster, swagger, swaggering &c. v.; bounce; terrorism; tyranny [See Severity]; beggar on horseback; usurpation.
  impertinence, cheek [colloq. or slang], nerve [slang], nerviness [slang], sauce [colloq.], abuse; sauciness &c. adj.; flippancy, dicacity [obs.], petulance [rare in this sense], procacity [rare].
  impudence, self-assertion, assurance, audacity, hardihood; front, face, brass, gall [slang]; shamelessness &c. adj.; effrontery, hardened front, face of brass.
  JINGOISM, chauvinism; Kultur [Ger.], “might is right,” Macht ist Recht [Ger.].
  MALAPERT, saucebox (blusterer) [See Blusterer].
  JINGO, jingoist, chauvinist; fire eater [colloq.]; boaster [See Boasting].
   VERB:BE INSOLENT &c. adj.; bluster, vapor, swagger, swell, give oneself airs, snap one’s fingers, kick up a dust [colloq.]; swear (affirm) [See Affirmation]; rap out oaths; roister.
  arrogate, assume, presume; make bold, make free; take a liberty, give an inch and take an ell.
  outface, outlook, outstare, outbrazen, outbrave; stare out of countenance; brazen out; lay down the law; teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs [colloq.]; assume a lofty bearing; talk big, look big, put on big looks, act the grand seigneur; mount -, ride- the high horse; toss the head, carry with a high hand; tempt Providence; want snuffing [colloq.].
  DOMINEER, bully, dictate, hector; lord it over; traiter -, regarder- de haut en bas [F.]; exact; snub, huff, beard, fly in the face of; put to the blush; bear -, beat- down; browbeat, intimidate; trample -, tread- -down, – under foot; dragoon, ride roughshod over; bulldoze [colloq., U. S.], terrorize.
   ADJECTIVE:INSOLENT, haughty, arrogant, imperious, magisterial, dictatorial, arbitrary; high-handed, high and mighty; contumelious, supercilious, overbearing, toplofty [colloq.], toploftical [rare], in- tolerant, domineering, overweening, high-flown; precocious, assuming, would-be, bumptious.
  pert, flippant, fresh [slang, U. S.], brash, cavalier, saucy, forward, impertinent, malapert; impudent, audacious, presumptuous.
  BRAZEN, bluff, shameless, aweless, unblushing, unabashed; bold-faced, bare-faced, brazen-faced; dead -, lost- to shame.
  BLUSTERING, swaggering, hectoring, rollicking, roistering, vaporing, free and easy, devil-may-care, jaunty or janty; thrasonic [rare], thrasonical, fire-eating [colloq.]; “full of sound and fury” [Macbeth].
  JINGO, jingoistic, chauvinistic.
   ADVERB:INSOLENTLY &c. adj.; with nose in air; with arms akimbo; de haut en bas [F.]; with a high hand; ex cathedra [L.].
  1. One’s bark being worse than his bite.
  2. Beggars mounted run their horse to death.—III Henry VI
  3. Quid times? Cæsarem vehis.—Plutarch