Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section IV. Moral Affections
4. Moral Practice

957. Gluttony.

   NOUN:GLUTTONY; greed; greediness &c. adj.; voracity.
  epicurism, gastronomy; good -, high-living; edacity, gulosity [rare], crapulence; guttling, guzzle [rare], guzzling; pantophagy.
  FEAST (food) [See Food]; good cheer, blow out [slang]; batterie de cuisine [F.].
  GLUTTON, gormandizer, cormorant, hog (sensualist) [See Intemperance]a; guttler, pantophagist; belly-god, Apicius, gastronome.
  EPICURE, bon vivant [F.], gourmand [obs. as glutton], gourmet [F.].
   VERB:GORMANDIZE, gorge; overgorge oneself, overeat oneself, glut, satiate, engorge, eat one’s fill, cram, stuff, guttle, guzzle, bolt, devour, gobble up; gulp &c. (swallow food) [See Food]; raven, eat out of house and home; have the stomach of an ostrich; play a good knife and fork (appetite) [See Desire]; have a capacious -gorge, – maw.
  pamper [obs. as glut], indulge.
   ADJECTIVE:GLUTTONOUS, greedy; gormandizing &c. v.; edacious, omnivorous, pantophagic, pantophagous, voracious, devouring, all-devouring, crapulent, swinish.
  pampered [obs. as fed to excess]; overfed, overgorged, overindulged.
  1. Jejunus raro stomachus vulgaria temnit.—Horace
  2. His belly was upblown with luxury, And eke with fatness swollen were his eyne.—Spenser