Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section V. Religious Affections
4. Acts of Religion

990. Worship.

   NOUN:WORSHIP, adoration, devotion, cult, aspiration, homage, service, humiliation; kneeling, genuflection, prostration; latria, dulia, hyperdulia.
  PRAYER, invocation, supplication, rogation, intercession, orison, holy breathing, petition (request) [See Request]; collect, litany, Lord’s prayer, paternoster; Ave Maria [L.]; Hail, Mary; rosary, bead-roll.
  revival; anxious -, revival -, camp- meeting.
  THANKSGIVING; giving -, returning- thanks; grace, praise, glorification, pæan, benediction, doxology, hosanna, hallelujah or halleluiah, alleluia or alleluiah; Te Deum, non nobis Domine, nunc dimittis; O Salutaris [all L.]; Sanctus, Agnus Dei [L.], Kyrie Eleison [Gr.], Gloria [L.], The Annunciation, Tersanctus, Trisagion.
  psalm, psalmody; hymn, plain song, chant, chaunt [archaic], response, anthem, motet, antiphon, antiphony.
  OBLATION, sacrifice, incense, libation, offering; burnt -, heave -, thank -, votive-offering; offertory, collection.
  DISCIPLINE, self-discipline, self-examination, self-denial; fasting, penance, confession.
  DIVINE SERVICE, office, duty; exercises; morning prayer; Mass, matins, nones, complin or compline, evensong, vespers, vigils, lauds; undernsong, tierce; holyday (rites) [See Rite].
  PRAYER BOOK, missal, breviary, Virginal; ritual [See Rite].
  WORSHIPER, congregation, communicant, celebrant.
   VERB:WORSHIP, lift up the heart, aspire; revere [See Respect]; adore, do service, pay homage; humble oneself, kneel; bow -, bend- the knee; throw oneself on one’s knees, fall down, fall on one’s knees; prostrate oneself, bow down and worship; beat the breast.
  intone, chant, deacon or deacon off [colloq., U. S.], lead the choir, sing.
  PRAY, invoke, supplicate; put -, offer- up -prayers, – petitions; beseech (ask) [See Request]; say one’s prayers, tell one’s beads, recite the rosary.
  GIVE THANKS, return thanks, say grace, bless, praise, laud, glorify, magnify, sing praises; give benediction.
  propitiate, offer sacrifice, fast, deny oneself; vow, offer vows, give alms.
  ATTEND SERVICE, attend Mass, go to church, attend divine service; communicate (rite) [See Rite]; work out one’s salvation.
   ADJECTIVE:WORSHIPING &c. v.; devout, devotional, reverent, pure, solemn; fervid (heartfelt) [See Feeling].
   INTERJECTION:HALLELUJAH or halleluiah! alleluia or alleluiah! hosanna! glory be to God! sursum corda [L.], Deo gratias [L.].
  O Lord! pray God that! God -grant, – bless, – save, – forbid!    QUOTATIONS:
  1. Making their lives a prayer.—Whittier
  2. Ora et labora.
  3. Prayer ardent opens heaven.—Young
  4. Be comforted, thou wouldst not seek Me if thou hadst not already found Me.—Pascal
  5. What greater calamity can fall upon a nation than the loss of worship.—Emerson