Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.


abbr. abbreviated, abbreviation adj. adjective, adjectival expression adv. adverb, adverbial expression Afr. Africa Am. or Amer. America, American Am. hist. American history anat. anatomy anc. ancient Anglo-Ind. Anglo-Indian anon. anonymous antiq. antiquities Ar. Arabic arch. architecture archæol. archæology arith. arithmetic A.-S. Anglo-Saxon astrol. astrology astron. astronomy Austral. Australian Bib. Biblical biol. biology bot. botany Brit. British Can. Canada, Canadian Can. F. Canadian French Celt. Celtic chem. chemistry Chin. Chinese Ch. of Eng. Church of England Cic. Cicero class. classical colloq. colloquial com. commerce, commercial conj. conjunction Du. Dutch Dan. Danish derog. derogatory dial. dialect, dialectal dim. diminutive E. East eccl. ecclesiastical econ. economics elec. electricity Eng. English, England erron. erroneous, -ly esp. especially exc. except fem. feminine fig. figurative, -ly G. or Ger. German Gr. Greek gram. grammar Gr. Brit. Great Britain Heb. Hebrew her. heraldry Hind. Hindustani hist. history, historical Hor. Horace Icel. Icelandic Ind. Indian Ir. Irish, Ireland int. interjection It. Italian Jap. Japanese Jew. Jewish joc. jocular Juv. Juvenal l.c. lower case L. L. L. Love’s Labor’s Lost Luc. Lucretius Mar. Martial masc. masculine math. mathematics Meth. Methodist Mex. Mexico, Mexican M. for M. Measure for Measure mil. military M. N. D. Midsummer Night’s Dream M. of V. Merchant of Venice Moham. Mohammedan myth. mythology N. North n. noun N. Am. North American naut. nautical N. E. or New Eng. New England neut. neuter Ffld. Newfoundland NL. New Latin Norw. Norwegian N. W. Northwest, -ern N. Z. New Zealand obs. obsolete obsoles. obsolescent OE. Old English opp. opposed orig. original, -ly parl. parliamentary path. pathology Per. Persian Pg. Portuguese pharm. pharmacy philos. philosophy physiol. physiology P. I. Philippine Islands pl. plural P. L. Paradise Lost Plut. Plutarch pol. or polit. political pop. popular, -ly prep. preposition Prot. Epis. Protestant Episcopal prov. proverb, provincial psychol. psychology Quin. Quintilian R. C. Ch. Roman Catholic Church relig. religion rhet. rhetoric, rhetorical Russ. Russian S. or So. South S. Afr. South African Sal. Sallust S. Am. South American Scand. Scandinavian Scot. Scottish, Scotland Sen. Seneca sing. singular Skr. Sanskrit surg. surgery Sw. Swedish S. W. Southwest, -ern S. W. U. S. Southwest United States Tac. Tacitus tech. technical Ter. Terence Tertul. Tertullian theat. theatrical theol. theology theos. theosophy Turk. Turkish typog. typography Univ. University U. S. United States v. verb Ver. Vergil W. West W. Ind. West Indies zoöl. zoölogy   Dashes and hyphens are used to avoid the repetition of some term common to each word or phrase in the same group. For example:—   1
“over -, above- the mark;” = “over the mark,” “above the mark”
“on the -verge, – brink, – skirts- of;” = “on the verge of,” “on the brink of,” “on the skirts of”
“brush -, whisk -, turn -, send- -off, – away;” = “brush off,” “brush away,” “whisk off,” “whisk away,” “turn off,” “turn away,” “send off,” “send away”
quick-, keen,- clear-, sharp- -eyed, -sighted, -witted;” = “quick-eyed,” “quick-sighted,” “quick-witted,” “keen-eyed,” “keen-sighted,” “keen-witted,” “clear-eyed,” “clear-sighted,” “clear-witted,” “sharp-eyed,” “sharp-sighted,” “sharp-witted”
“away from -, foreign to -, beside- the -purpose, – question, – transaction, – point;” = “away from the purpose,” “away from the question,” “away from the transaction,” “away from the point,” “foreign to the purpose,” &c., “beside the purpose,” &c.
“fall, – to the ground;” = “fall,” “fall to the gound”
“shortness &c. adj.;” “shortly &c. adj.;” “shortening &c. v.;” = in a similar manner form other words from the groups of adjectives or verbs in the same category