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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Marshal Sebastiani

  • [Count Horace François Sebastiani, a French general; born in Corsica, about 1775; served in Italy, Austria, Spain, and Russia; minister of marine and of foreign affairs under Louis Philippe; ambassador to London, 1835; Marshal of France, 1840; died 1851.]
  • Order reigns in Warsaw.

  • The Polish rebellion of 1830 occurred simultaneously with the fall of the Bourbon dynasty in France, and the elevation to the throne of the representative of liberal ideas. After the insurrection of Warsaw—which broke out Nov. 29, 1830—was subdued, Poland looked to France for support, and the National Guard, the press, and the people demanded that prompt assistance be given her; but the government of Louis Philippe remained deaf to all appeals. Poland fell, and the government became more unpopular than ever when Sebastiani, minister of foreign affairs, announced in the Chamber of Deputies, Sept. 16, 1831, the termination of the struggle, with the words, “My letters from Poland announce that order reigns in Warsaw” (Des lettres que je reçois de Pologne m’annoncent que la tranquillité régne à Varsovie). It was the “order” of Père la Chaise.
  • “He makes a solitude, and calls it—peace.”
  • BYRON: Bride of Abydos, II. 20.
  • Some one asked Talleyrand if Sebastiani were not a relative of Napoleon: “Yes, while he was emperor,” was the reply: “not now.”