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H.L. Mencken (1880–1956). The American Language. 1921.

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X.   Proper Names in America

1. Surnames
  On October 20, 1919, Mr. Mondell, of Wyoming, the majority leader, arose in the House of Representatives and called the attention of the House to the presence in the gallery of a detachment of 27 soldiers, “popularly known by the appropriate title and designation of ‘Americans all.’ ” A few moments later Mr. Wilson, of Connecticut, had the names of these soldiers spread upon the record for the day. Here they are:
Pedro AraezFrank Kristopoulos
Sylvester BalchunasJohannes Lenferink
Arezio AurechioFidel Martin
Jules BoutinAttilio Marzi
Oasge ChristiansenGurt Mistrioty
Kusti FrantiMichael Myatowych
Odilian GosselinFrancisco Pungi
Walter HuckoJoseph Rossignol
Argele IntiliIchae Semos
Henry JurkJoe Shestak
David KingGeorge Strong
John KlokHendrix Svennigsen
Norman KermanFritz Wold
Eugene Kristiansen
  This was no unusual group of Americans, though it was deliberately assembled to convince Congress of the existence of a “melting pot that really melts.” I turn to the list of promotions in the army sent in to the Senate on the first day of the Harding administration, and find Lanza, Huguet, Shaffer, Brambila, Straat, Knabenshue, De Armond, Meyer, Wiezorek and Stahl among the new colonels and lieutenant-colonels,