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James Weldon Johnson, ed. (1871–1938). The Book of American Negro Poetry. 1922.

Negro Serenade

O, DE LIGHT-BUGS glimmer down de lane,

Merlindy! Merlindy!

O, de whip’-will callin’ notes ur pain—

Merlindy, O, Merlindy!

O, honey lub, my turkle dub,

Doan’ you hyuh my bawnjer ringin’,

While de night-dew falls an’ de ho’n owl calls

By de of ba’n gate Ise singin’.

O, Miss ’Lindy, doan’ you hyuh me, chil’,

Merlindy! Merlindy!

My lub fur you des dribe me wil’—

Merlindy, O, Merlindy!

I’ll sing dis night twel broad day-light,

Ur bu’s’ my froat wid tryin’,

’Less you come down, Miss ’Lindy Brown,

An’ stops dis ha’t f’um sighin’!