Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882). The Complete Works. 1904.
Vol. I. Nature, Addresses and Lectures


IN this volume, in addition to the papers which it contained in the Riverside Edition, five of Mr. Emerson’s lectures appear in print for the first time. They are “Instinct and Inspiration,” “The Celebration of Intellect,” “Country Life,” “Concord Walks,” and “Art and Criticism.” Some account of the origin, or the circumstances attending the delivery of these lectures, will be found in the Notes. The first of them belonged to the course on Natural History of Intellect and now follows the lecture which bears that name in the Riverside Edition, but is here called “Powers and Laws of Thought.” These two, with “Memory,” are grouped under the general name of that course. Important passages from another lecture and from other versions of the first here given, are introduced into the Notes to it.

The General Index, which first appeared in the Riverside Edition, has been enlarged and improved by Miss Laura Woolsey Lord, to whom and to many friends who have given valuable help in tracing quotations to their sources, and for information used in the Notes, my thanks are due. I desire to make grateful acknowledgement also to Mr. Waldo Emerson Forbes for assistance given me in my work, and to the heirs of Mr. J. Elliot Cabot and to Mr. George Willis Cooke, Mr. Moncure D. Conway, Mr. Charles J. Woodbury, Mr. John Albee, Dr. Richard Garnett, Dr. William T. Harris, and Mr. F. B. Sanborn, from whose books I have quoted, as well as to Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Company for extracts from books of which they own the copyright.

CONCORD, October 12, 1904.