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Rhys, Ernest, ed. (1859–1946). The Haunters and the Haunted. 1921.

XXII. The Miraculous Case of Jesch Claes

From CHRISTMAS’ “Phantom World”

IN the year 1676, about the 13th or 14th of this Month October, in the Night, between one and two of the Clock, this Jesch Claes, a cripple, being in bed with her Husband, who was a Boatman, she was three times pulled by her Arm, with which she awaked and cried out, “O Lord! what may this be?”

Hereupon she heard an answer in plain words: “Be not afraid, I come in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Your malady which hath for many years been upon you shall cease, and it shall be given you from God Almighty to walk again. But keep this good news to yourself!” Whereupon she cried aloud, “O Lord! that I had a light that I might know what this is.” Then had she this answer: “There needs no light, the light shall be given you from God.”

Then came light all over the Room, and she saw a beautiful Youth about ten Years of Age, with curled yellow Hair, cloathed in white to the Feet, who went from the Bed’s-Head to the Chimney with a light, which a little after vanished. Hereupon did there did shoot something through her Leg, like water, from hip to toe, and when she did find life rising up in her dead limb, she fell to crying out, “Lord give me now again the feeling, which I have not had in so many years.” And farther she continued crying and praying to the Lord according to her weak measure.

Yet she continued that day, Wednesday, and the next day Thursday, as before till Evening at six a clock. At which time she sate at the Fire dressing the Food. Then came as like rushing noise in both her Ears with which it was said to her, “Stand. Your going is given you again.”

Then did she immediately stand up, that had so many years crept, and went to the door. Her Husband meeting her, being exceedingly afraid, drew back. In the mean time while she cried out, “My dear Husband, I can go again:”

He thinking it was a Spirit, drew back, saying, “You are not my Wife.”

His Wife taking hold of him, said, “My dear Husband, I am the self-same that hath been married these thirty years to you. The Almighty God hath given me my going again.”

But her Husband being amazed, drew back to the side of the Room, till at last she clasped her Hand about his Neck. And yet he doubted, and said to his Daughter, “Is this your Mother?”

She answered, “Yes, Father! this we plainly see. I had seen her go also before you came in.”

This befell upon Prince’s-Island in Amsterdam, where Jesch Claes lived with her husband.