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Jacob A. Riis 1849–1914. The Making of an American. 1901.


  1. Our Stork
  2. Ribe, from the Castle Hill
  3. The View the Stork got of the Old Town
  4. The Domkirke
  5. Within the Domkirke
  6. Mother
  7. The Deserted Quay
  8. Downstream, where Ships sailed once
  9. A Cobblestone-paved Alley
  10. Father
  11. My Childhood’s Home
  12. The Picture her Mother gave me
  13. Brady’s Bend as I knew it
  14. I found the valley deserted and dead
  15. The dead were much better company
  16. Lunching at Delmonico’s
  17. The Fight on the Police Station Steps
  18. There I set my traps
  19. Our Old Pastor
  20. When I worked in the Buffalo Ship-yard
  21. One end of the town was burning while I was canvassing the other
  22. I went to hear Horace Greeley address an open-air meeting
  23. The wide world seemed suddenly a cold and far-off place
  24. Hard Times
  25. Brother Simmons. [The Rev. Ichabod Simmons.]
  26. The Letter
  27. Elizabeth’s Mother
  28. Elizabeth’s Home—“The Castle
  29. Elizabeth as I found her again
  30. I was face to face with my father
  31. Out into the open country, into the wide world,—our life’s journey had begun
  32. Mulberry Street
  33. Tribune Police Bureau
  34. In which lay dying a French nobleman of proud and ancient name
  35. Our Office—my Partner, Mr. Ensign at the Desk, I in the Corner
  36. About that interview, now,” he drawled
  37. The carriage went on
  38. The Bulletin
  39. Dr. Roger S. Tracy
  40. General Ely Parker, Chief of the Six Nations
  41. The Lodging-room at the Leonard Street Police Station
  42. The Church Street Station Lodging-room, in which I was robbed
  43. The Yellow Newspapers’ Contribution
  44. The Mulberry Bend as it was
  45. The tenants bolted through the windows
  46. Lodgers at Five Cents a Spot
  47. Bandit’s Roost—a Mulberry Bend Alley
  48. Bottle Alley, Mulberry Bend. Headquarters of the Whyo Gang
  49. The Mulberry Bend as it is
  50. Mr. Lowell’s Letter
  51. The Boys’ “Playground” in an Old—time School
  52. Typical East Side Tenement Block. Five hundred babies in it, not one bathtub
  53. One was sitting asleep on a buttertub
  54. Chief of Police Thomas Byrnes
  55. The Mott Street Barracks
  56. Gotham Court
  57. A Tenement House Air-shaft
  58. The School of the New Day
  59. The Way to prevent the Manufacture of “Toughs
  60. Ribe, in my Childhood
  61. At Home in the Old Town
  62. The ‘gossip benches’ are filled
  63. The Extinct Chimney-sweep
  64. The Ancient Bellwoman
  65. The Village Express
  66. Holy Andrew’s Cross
  67. Sir Asker Ryg’s Church at Fjennesloevlille
  68. Horse-meat to-day!”
  69. The Cross of Dannebrog
  70. King Christian as I saw him last
  71. Christmas Eve with the King’s Daughters
  72. James Tanner
  73. The little ones from Cherry Street
  74. My Silver Bride
  75. Here comes the Baby!