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William Shakespeare (1564–1616). The Oxford Shakespeare. 1914.

Dramatis Personæ.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

DUKE OF MILAN, Father to Silvia.
VALENTINE, PROTEUS, the Two Gentlemen.
ANTONIO, Father to Proteus.
THURIO, a foolish rival to Valentine.
EGLAMOUR, Agent for Silvia, in her escape.
SPEED, a clownish Servant to Valentine.
LAUNCE, the like to Proteus.
PANTHINO, Servant to Antonio.
HOST, where Julia lodges in Milan.
OUTLAWS with Valentine.

JULIA, beloved of Proteus.
SILVIA, beloved of Valentine.
LUCETTA, waiting woman to Julia.
Servants, Musicians.

SCENE.Verona; Milan; and the frontiers of Mantua.