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Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503–42). The Poetical Works. 1880.


Of the Power of Love over the yielden Lover

WILL ye see what wonders Love hath wrought?

Then come and look at me.

There need no where else to be sought,

In me ye may them see.

For unto that, that men may see

Most monstrous thing of kind,

Myself may best compared be;

Love hath me so assign’d.

There is a rock in the salt flood,

A rock of such nature,

That draweth the iron from the wood,

And leaveth the ship unsure.

She is the rock, the ship am I;

That rock my deadly foe,

That draweth me there where I must die,

And robbeth my heart me fro.

A bird there fleeth, and that but one,

Of her this thing ensueth;

That when her days be spent and gone,

With fire she reneweth.

And I with her may well compare

My love, that is alone;

The flame whereof doth aye repair

My life when it is gone.