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Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503–42). The Poetical Works. 1880.

Songs and Sonnets

The Lover forsaketh his unkind Love

MY heart I gave thee, not to do it pain,

But to preserve, lo, it to thee was taken.

I served thee, not that I should be forsaken;

But, that I should receive reward again,

I was content thy servant to remain;

And not to be repayed on this fashion.

Now, since in thee there is none other reason,

Displease thee not, if that I do refrain.

Unsatiate of my woe, and thy desire;

Assured by craft for to excuse thy fault:

But, since it pleaseth thee to feign default,

Farewell, I say, departing from the fire.

For he that doth believe, bearing in hand,

Plougheth in the water, and soweth in the sand.