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Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503–42). The Poetical Works. 1880.


The Lover sueth that his Service may be accepted

THE HEART and service to you proffer’d

With right good will full honestly,

Refuse it not since it is offer’d,

But take it to you gentlely.

And though it be a small present,

Yet good, consider graciously,

The thought, the mind, and the intent

Of him that loves you faithfully.

It were a thing of small effect

To work my woe thus cruelly;

For my good will to be object,

Therefore accept it lovingly.

Pain, or travail; to run, or ride,

I undertake it pleasantly;

Bid ye me go and straight I glide,

At your commandment humbly.

Pain or pleasure now may you plant,

Even which it please you steadfastly;

Do which you list, I shall not want

To be your servant secretly.

And since so much I do desire,

To be your own assuredly;

For all my service, and my hire

Reward your servant liberally.