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W. Garrett Horder, comp. The Poets’ Bible: New Testament. 1895.

The Two Thieves

Dora Greenwell (1821–1882)

BENEATH thy Cross I stand

Jesus, my Saviour, turn and look on me:

Oh, who are these that on either hand

Are crucified with Thee.

The one that turns away

With sullen scoffing lip, and one whose eyes

Close o’er the words,—“Yet shalt thou be this day

With Me in Paradise.”

Here would I fain behold

This twofold Mystery; Love’s battle won,

Its warfare ended, and its ransom told,

Its conquest but begun.

I say not to Thee now—

Come from the Cross, and then I will believe:

Oh, lift me to Thee, and teach me how

To love and how to grieve.

I tracked Thy Footsteps long,

For where Thou wert, there would Thy Servant be;

But now methought the silence, now the throng

Would part me still from Thee.

I sought Thee ’mid the leaves,

I found Thee on the dry and blasted Tree;

I saw Thee not until I saw the Thieves

There crucified with Thee.