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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

By Mrs. A. R. Levy

God’s Messengers

  • Rabbon Gamaliel said: “Make His will thy will,… subvert thy will to His will.”—Aboth 2, 4.

  • I ASKED the wind, “Where hast thou been

    Since last thy voice I heard,

    Since last the quivering of thy wings

    The leafy branches stirred,

    And freighted from its moss-clad home

    Each gentle nestling bird?

    “Ah, wherefore didst thou swell the storm

    When good ships went to sea;

    And why was bent the tall stout mast—

    The cordage rent by thee;

    And why, when shattered bark went down,

    Thy shout of victory?”

    “If o’er the ocean I have swept

    And lashed its waves to heaven,

    While high before me on the surge

    The hapless bark was driven,

    And loud and fearful rose the cry

    Of men from warm life riven,

    “I did His bidding who doth hold,

    In His all-powered hand,

    The whirlwind that hath swept in might

    O’er ocean wave and land;

    I questioned not why such things were—

    Can mortal understand?”

    Do thou His bidding—question not

    Nor cower like frightened dove;

    Thou art the messenger of God,

    Sent from the heights above.

    Know thou art by the Father bid,

    Thy God—and God is Love.