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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

I. Biblical and Post-Biblical

The Bible—Anonymous
The Bible—Richard Barton
The Bible—David Levi
The Light and Glory of the World—William Cowper
The Bible—Phoebe Palmer
The Written Word—Sir Robert Grant
The Book of God—Horatius Bonar
The Old Book—Abram S. Isaacs
Israel and His Book—Felix N. Gerson
The Ha’ Bible—Robert Nicoll
Fullness of the Bible—H. J. Betts
Inspiration of the Bible—John Dryden
Contents of the Bible—Peter Heylyn
Esteeming the Bible—Horatius Bonar
Judah’s Hallowed Bards—Aubrey De Vere
The Poets of Old Israel—John Vance Cheney
On Translating the Psalms—Sampson Guideon, Jr.
To God—Gregory Nanzianzen (Trans. Allen W. Chatfield)
Thou Art of All Created Things—Calderon
The Seeing Eye—Reginald Heber
O Thou Eternal One!—Gabriel Romanovitch Derzhavin (Trans. Sir John Bowring)
The Infinity of God—Emily Brontë
Adoration—Madame Guyon
Whither Shall I Go?”—Eliza Scudder
Creation’s Psalm—Swithin Saint Swithaine
Making of Man—Edwin Arnold
Adam and Eve (From “Paradise Lost,” Fourth Book, ll. 288–99)—John Milton
Adam and Eve (From “Paradise Lost,” Ninth Book, ll. 896–9)—John Milton
Eve—Lydia Huntley Sigourney
The Rainbow—Felicia Hemans
Bow of Beauty”—Henry Vaughan
Translation of the Patriarch (Genesis v. 24.)—Lucy A. Randall
Abraham and His Gods—Richard Monckton Milnes (Lord Houghton)
Abraham—John Stuart Blackie
The Tent of Abraham—Charles Swain
The Ballade of Dead Cities—Edmund Gosse
Hagar—Hartley Coleridge
The Meeting of Isaac and Rebecca—Arthur Hugh Clough
Jacob’s Dream (Genesis xxviii. 10–12)—S. D.
Pillow and Stone—Abram S. Isaacs
Beth-el—John B. Tabb
As Jacob Served for Rachel—Anonymous
Israel—John Hay
The Cry of Rachel—Lizette Wordsworth Reese
Dirge of Rachel—William Knox
Moses—N. N.
Rescue of Moses—Anonymous
The Young Moses—Anonymous
Moses—John Stuart Blackie
On the Picture of the Finding of Moses by Pharaoh’s Daughter—Charles and Mary Lamb
Moses in the Desert—James Montgomery
The Destroying Angel—Abraham Cowley
The Passover—R. E. S.
Out of Egypt—Dorothea De Pass
Psalm CXIV—Myrtilla E. Mitchell
The Passage of the Red Sea—Reginald Heber
The Destruction of Pharaoh—John Ruskin
The Passage of the Red Sea—Henry Hart Milman
Passage of the Red Sea—Anonymous
The Song of Miriam—Anonymous
Sound the Loud Timbrel—Thomas Moore
Song at the Red Sea—George Lansing Taylor
The First Song of Moses—George Wither
Miriam—E. Dudley Jackson
Exodus x: 21–23—J. W. Burgon
Mount Sinai—Horatius Bonar
At Sinai—Isabella R. Hess
Divine Love—Anonymous
Moses as Lamp-Bearer”—William Stigand
Aaron’s Breastplate—Anna Shipton
Lights in the Temple—John Keble
Bezalel—Israel Zangwill
Bezalel—Edwin Arnold
Moses and the Dervish—Owen Meredith
The “Moses” of Michael Angelo—Robert Browning
Moses on Mount Nebo—I. Solomon
The Kiss of God—John White Chadwick
Weep, Children of Israel—Thomas Moore
No Man Knoweth His Sepulchre”—William Cullen Bryant
Burial of Moses—Cecil Frances Alexander
Ode to the Statue of Moses—Anonymous
Speak, Lord, for Thy Servant Heareth”—James Drummond Borthwick
Jephthah’s Daughter—Lord Byron
Jephthah’s Daughter—Jehoash (Trans. Alter Brody)
Samson—John Milton
Ruth—Thomas Hood
Ruth and Naomi—William Oliver Bourn Peabody
Ruth—H. Hyman
Ruth—Felicia Hemans
The Moabitess—Phillips Brooks
Ruth and Naomi—Lowell Courier
Song of Saul Before His Last Battle—Lord Byron
The Field of Gilboa—William Knox
Kynge David, Hys Lamente Over the Bodyes of Kynge Saul of Israel and His Sonne Jonathan—Sir Philip Sidney
David’s Lament—Robert Stephen Hawker
David and Jonathan—Lucretia Davidson
The Lamentation of David Over Saul and Jonathan His Son—George Wither
Jehovah-Nissi. The Lord My Banner—William Cowper
The Song of David—Christopher Sharp
The Poet’s Soul—Anonymous
King David—George Peele
To David—Miriam Suhler
David—Alter Abelson
The Harp of Faith—Abram S. Isaacs
The Harp of David—Jehoash (Trans. Alter Brody)
Absalom—Nathaniel Parker Willis
In That Day—A. C. Benson
The Chamber Over the Gate—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
On Viewing a Statue of David—Eva Gore-Booth
Sleep—Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Psalm VII—Alfred S. Schiller-Szinessy
My Times Are in Thy Hands!—Christopher Newman Hall
The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want”—Re Henry
The Prayer of Solomon at the Consecration of the Temple—Rebekah Hyneman
Solomon and the Bees—John Godfrey Saxe
The Chief Among Ten Thousand—Horatius Bonar
Solomon’s Song—Regina Miriam Bloch
The Rose of Sharon—Abram S. Isaacs
Azrael—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Wisdom—Isidore Myers
Habakkuk’s Prayer—William Broome
Trust—M. M.
Trustfulness—J. Leonard Levy
Watchman! What of the Night?—James Mew
Come Not, O Lord—Thomas Moore
Think on God—R. E. S.
Job’s Confession—Edward Young
Dying—Shall Man Live Again?—Albert Frank Hoffmann
The Destruction of Sennacherib—Lord Byron
Jeremiah, the Patriot—John Keble
The Ruler of the Nations—John Keble
The Fall of Jerusalem—Alfred Tennyson
Hebrew Melody—Mrs. James Gordon Brooks
Lament for Jerusalem—Marion and Celia Moss
Song of the Jewish Captives—Henry Neile
The Jewish Captive’s Song—Marion and Celia Moss
The Hebrew Minstrel’s Lament—Anonymous
Jewish Hymn in Babylon—Henry Hart Milman
Oh! Weep for Those—Lord Byron
Na-Ha-Moo—J. C. Levy
By the Rivers of Babylon We Sat Down and Wept—Lord Byron
By Babel’s Streams—H. Pereira Mendes
The Jewish Captive—Elizabeth Oakes (Prince) Smith
The Return From the Captivity—Marion and Celia Moss
The Wild Gazelle—Lord Byron
Nehemiah to Artaxerxes—William Knox
Belshazzar—Bryan Waller Proctor (Barry Cornwall)
Daniel—Richard Wilton
Vision of Belshazzar—Lord Byron
Herod’s Lament for Mariamne—Lord Byron
The Ark of the Covenant—Nina Davis
Before the Ark—George Alexander Kohut
Menorah—William Ellery Leonard
The Menorah—Harry Wolfsohn (Trans. H. B. Ehrmann)
The Holy Flame “Menorah”—George Jay Holland
The Prayer of the High Priest—Marie Harrold Garrison
The High Priest to Alexander—Alfred Tennyson
On the Day of the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus—Lord Byron
At Samaria—Clinton Scollard
The Temple—David Levi
Ode to the Sacred Lamps—M. L. R. Breslar