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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

VII. The Modern Period

Bar Kochba—Emma Lazarus
The Jewish Exile—Leon Hühner
The Jewish Pilgrim—Frances Browne
The Arch of Titus—Harry Wolfsohn (Trans. Horace M. Kallen from the Hebrew)
Tourist and Cicerone—Ludwig August Frankl (Trans. Henry Cohen)
Judea—Charles M. Wallington
The Tombs of the Fathers—James Montgomery
The Wandering Jew—David Levi
The Sentinel of the Ages—Ibbie McColm Wilson
Before Battle—Samuel Roth
The Jew—George Alfred Townsend
The Everlasting Jew—Henry B. Sommer
Israel—Ida Goldsmith Morris
Israel Forsaken—Charles Leon Gumpert
Puissance of the Jew—C. W. Wynne
Honor of the Jews—William Hodson
Mock on! Mock on!—William Blake
His People”—Anonymous
The Jew is True—Joaquin Miller
O Israel—Robert Loveman
The Everlasting Jew—Percy Bysshe Shelley
Israel’s Spiritual Lamp—George Eliot
The Spirit of Hebraism—From the Hebrew of Harry Wolfsohn (Trans. H. B. Ehrmann)
Zion’s Universal Temple—Harry Weiss
A Song of Israel—J. H. Cuthbert
The Fated Race—Anonymous
People of Zion—Marie Harrold Garrison
Israel’s Mission—Eve Davieson
To Young Israel—M. Osias
The Mystic Tie—Max Meyerhardt
My Heritage—Cora Wilburn
Shema-Yisroel-Adonai-Elohenu Adonai-Echod—Nathan Bernstein
Judaeis Vita Aeterna—Charles N. Lurie
The Children of the Pale”—Anonymous
Judah—George R. Du Bois
The Chosen Ones of Israel—Park Benjamin
The Star of Discontent—X.
They Call Us Jews—Milton Goldsmith
The Jew’s Appeal to the Christian—J. W. Blencowe, Jr.
The Jew to Jesus—Florence Kiper Frank
Moses and Jesus—Israel Zangwill
Lines to an Anti-Semite—Edward Sydney Tybee
I Would Reply—Milton Goldsmith
Only a Jew”—P. H.
Thou Art a Jew—I. N. L.
Israel—Israel Zangwill
Israel—Max Meyerhardt
The Jews of England (1290–1902)—Israel Zangwill
The Right of Asylum—Stephen Phillips
The Jewish Soldier—Alice Lucas
Israel and Columbia—John J. McCabe
The Jew in America—Felix N. Gerson
The Ghetto-Jew—Rufus Learsi
The Melting Pot—Berton Braley
A Call to the Builders—Helen Gray Cone
O Long the Way—Morris Rosenfeld
The Candle Seller—Morris Rosenfeld
The Jewish May—Morris Rosenfeld
The Light in the Eyes”—Oscar Loeb
Yes, He’s a Jew”—John Paul Cosgrave
The Jew to the Gentile—Sara Messing Stern
The Yellow Badge—Ruth Schechter Alexander
A Tribute to the Jews—Rufus C. Hopkins
At Ellis Island—Margaret Chanler Aldrich
Ellis Island—James Oppenheim
At the Gate—Nathan F. Spielvogel
The Magic Words—Melvin G. Winstock
Shema Yisrael Adonay-Elohainu Adonay-Echod—Ibbie McColm Wilson
Be Thou a Jew—Samuel E. Loveman
The Chosen—Elizabeth McMurtrie Dinwiddie
God’s Chosen People—Adapted by Joel Blau
Our Password—Isidore G. Ascher
Only a Jew—David Banks Sickles
Jew”—George Vaux Bacon
Recognition—Miriam Teichner
Is It True?—Marie Harrold Garrison
In the Hour of Need—Leto (In the Graphic)
The Little Jew—Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Only a Jew—Anonymous
Holy Cross Day—Robert Browning
The Guardian of the Red Disk—Emma Lazarus
Rabbi Ben Ezra—Robert Browning
The Angel—Dorothy S. Silverman
A Legend—Jehoash (Trans. Elias Lieberman)
The Rabbi’s Song—Rudyard Kipling
A Sonnet—M. L. R. Breslar
The Hebrew Mind—M. L. R. Breslar
Who Gives in Love—Isidor Wise
An Invocation—Isidore G. Ascher
Adas Israel—M. Beyer
Poetry—Louis Untermeyer
Our Heritage—Isidore G. Ascher
Israel’s Heritage—Ida Goldsmith Morris
Fin de Siècle—Anonymous
Hope and Faith—Isaac Leib Perez (Trans. Henry Goodman)
Not by Power—Mary M. Cohen
Lines—Alice Rhine
The Glory of God—Rebekah Hyneman
Lessons of the Past—Harry Weiss
Rodef Shalom—W. G. Skillman
The New Temple—Louis Marshall
Consecration Hymn—R. Wagner
The Kingdom of God—Edward Bulwer Lytton
Rebecca’s Hymn—Sir Walter Scott
A Jewish Family—William Wordsworth
Rebecca, the Jewess—Clark B. Cochrane
The American Jewess—Albert Ulmann
Jewess—Joaquin Miller
The Jewess—Allan Davis
Orientale—William Henley
An Oriental Maiden—J. O. Jenkyns
The Maid of the Ghetto—Anonymous
The Jewish Mother—A Daughter of Judah
Like unto Sharon’s Roses—Rufus Learsi
I saw a Maiden Sweet and Fair—Rufus Learsi
Lines to a Jewish Child—C. D.
Rachel—Matthew Arnold
Kalich, Inheritor of Tragedy—Ripley D. Saunders
To the Memory of Grace Aguilar—Anonymous
Moses Mendelssohn—Miriam Del Banco
Heine—A. R. Aldrich
Heine—George Sylvester Viereck
Heinrich Heine—Ludwig Lewisohn
To Heinrich Heine—George Alexander Kohut
Ernest Renan—Mary Darmesteter
The Jews’ Cemetery on the Lido—John Addington Symonds
The Jewish Cemetery at Newport—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
France’s Shame—B. B. Usher
To Dreyfus Vindicated—Robert Underwood Johnson
Dreyfus—Edwin Markham
Dreyfus—Florence Earle Coates
Let Us Forget—K. M.
The God of Israel—C. M. Kohan
The Jews in Russia—Edward Doyle
On the Russian Persecution of the Jews—Algernon Charles Swinburne
Russia and the Jews—Punch
The Kishineff Massacre—Rose Strauss
On the Massacre—Chayim Nachman Byalik
God and His Martyrs—Chayim Nachman Byalik
The Jewish Martyrs—W. V. B.
The Persecuted Jew—Stephen Taylor Dekins
In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth—Anonymous
How Long?—Israel Cohen
Israel in Russia—Arthur Guiterman
The Massacre of the Jews—R. A. Levy
How Long, O Lord?—Elias Lieberman
In Exile—Emma Lazarus
A Cry from Russia—Hermine Schwed
To Russia—Joaquin Miller
The Slaughter of the Jews—A. J. Waterhouse
The Crowing of the Red Cock—Emma Lazarus
A Hymn for the Relief of Israel—Canon Jenkins
To the Czar—a Prophecy—Ida (Mrs. Isidor) Straus
To Forgive Is Divine—M. L. R. Breslar
Blood” v. “Bullion”—Punch
The Jews of Bucharest—Edward Sydney Tybee
To Carmen Sylva (Queen of Roumania)—Emma Lazarus
Lines on Carmen Sylva—Emma Lazarus
The Russian Jewish Rabbi—(Trans. Herman Bernstein)
Mai-Ko-Mashma-Lon”—Abraham Raisin (Trans. Henry Greenfield)
The Jewish Soldier—Alice Lucas
B’nai B’rith—Miriam del Banco
B’nai B’rith—Rosa Strauss
On Attempting to Convert the Jews to Christianity—Anonymous
Autumn Songs—S. Frug (Trans. Alice Stone Blackwell)
Feldmesten or Measuring the Graves—Alter Abelson
Nature and the Poet—S. Frug
On the Grave of Michael Gordon—S. Frug
Sand and Stars—S. Frug
The False Hope—Horace M. Kallen
Out of the Depths—Joseph Jasin
As the Stars and the Sands—S. Frug (Trans. Joseph Jasin)
“…Whom You Are to Blame”—P. M. Raskin
Side by Side—Isabella R. Hess
The Young Rabbi—E. C. L. Browne
“…and Give Thee Peace”—Florence Weisberg
Twenty-one Years of Rescue Work—Alice Lucas
A Call to Israel—Cora Wilburn
Meditations at Twilight—Joseph Leiser
The New Jewish Hospital at Hamburg—Heinrich Heine
The Rose of Sharon—Harry Weiss
The Age of Toleration”—Arthur Upton
Intolerance—Ray Trum Nathan
They Tell Me—Ezekiel Leavitt (Trans. from the Hebrew by Alice Stone Blackwell)
Gifts—Emma Lazarus
Hebrew Cradle Song—Ezekiel Leavitt (Trans. Alice Stone Blackwell)
Jewish Lullaby—Eugene Field
Patriotism—(Trans. Robert Needham Cust)
Optimism—I. Z. Josephson
To My Lyre—Joseph Massel
To Walter Lionel de Rothschild on His Bar-Mitzvah—Louis B. Abrahams
Sonnet—Canon Jenkins
Sir Moses Montefiore—E. Yancey Cohen
Groups of radiant angels soaring”—Miriam Del Banco
Is life worth living?”—Punch
Not ’mid the clash of arms he won”—Louis Meyerhardt
I saw—’twas in a dream, the other night”—Ambrose Bierce
Jesse Seligman—Noah Davis
Benjamin Artom—Re Henry
Aaron Levy Green—Anonymous
Baroness de Rothschild—Emily Marion Harris
Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield—Punch
Peace—and Honor—Herman C. Merivale
Leopold Zunz—J. F.
Moritz Steinschneider—George Alexander Kohut
Simeon Singer—John Chapman
My Father’s Bible—George Alexander Kohut
David Kaufmann—George Alexander Kohut
Gustav Gottheil—George Alexander Kohut
Sonnet—George Alexander Kohut
Solomon Schechter—Alter Abelson
Emma Lazarus—Richard Watson Gilder
Dear bard and prophet, that thy rest is deep”—Richard Watson Gilder
Under No Skies But Ours—Helen Gray Cone
Once more a singing soul’s most airy vessel”—Allan Eastman Cross
A rare, sweet daughter of a wondrous race”—Minot Judson Savage
Fire from high, holy heaven down-drawn”—James Maurice Thompson
Couldst thou have lived to share with us this hour”—Henry Cohen
Joseph Joachim—Robert Bridges
Frederic David Mocatta—James Mew
Mrs. Ellis A. Franklin—Anonymous
Oscar Cohen—H. B. Gayfer
Leo N. Levi—George Alexander Kohut
Esther J. Ruskay—George Alexander Kohut
Joseph Mayor Asher—George Alexander Kohut
Louis Loeb—Louis Marshall
Josef Israels—Elias Lieberman
Phédre—Oscar Wilde
Mayer Sulzberger—Felix N. Gerson
Isaac M. Wise—Walter Hurt
Above the grief of Israel soars a voice”—Ida Goldsmith Morris
Peace and remembrance!”—Edna Dean Proctor
Afar the reaches of our land one day”—Harry Weiss
Why look ye to the dead? Awake!”—Albert Frank Hoffmann
Ida Straus—Alter Abelson
She gladly shared his cup of death”—Bernard Gruenstein
As side by side they traveled through the years”—Anne P. L. Field
I cannot leave thee, husband”—Solomon Solis Cohen
Beloved, you must go—ask not to stay”—Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
Julia Richman—Helen Gray Cone
Myer Davis—Isaac Lazarowich
Simon Wolf—Felix N. Gerson
To Simon Wolf—George Alexander Kohut
To Simon Wolf on His Eightieth Birthday—George Alexander Kohut