The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.


THE WORST brandy is better than water.

The path to the law court is wide; the path away from it is narrow.

Even when drowning, a man wants company.

Cherish your wife as you would your salvation, and beat her as you would your coat.

A bad peace is superior to a good quarrel.

Spare the peasant your lash, but not his rubles.

Poverty is not a sin, but it’s a great deal worse.

In a storm, pray to the Lord and keep on rowing as hard as you can.

A sparrow is small; still, it’s a bird.

If your wife were a guitar, you could hang her up after playing.

An old crow never croaks without reason.

A dozen axes may be left together; two spindles must be kept apart.

A dog is wiser than a woman, for it does not turn upon its master.

To the badness in his wares the seller is blind.

Good luck departs—like your hair; bad luck remains—like your nails.