The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Popular Sayings

ONLY the shoe knows if the stocking has a hole.

The rat eats the cane, and the innocent lizard dies for it.

To-day it’s my turn, to-morrow it’s yours.

When you dine with the devil, use a long spoon.

You can’t catch a flea with one finger.

The snake that wants to live does not keep to the highroad.

You should never blame the owner of a goat for claiming it.

The ears do not weigh more than the head.

Wait till you are across the river before you call the alligator names.

If the tortoise that comes up from the bottom of the water tells you an alligator is blind, you may believe him.

A frog in want of a shirt will ask for a pair of drawers.

The ox never says “Thank you” to the pasture.

Joke with a monkey as much as you please, but don’t play with its tail.

What business have eggs dancing with stones?

If you insist on punishing an enemy, do not make him fetch water in a basket.

The wild hog knows what tree he is rubbing against.

Hang your knapsack where you can reach it.

The pumpkin vine does not yield calabashes.

Every jack-knife found on the highway will be lost on the highway.

All wood is wood, but deal is not cedar.

It is the frog’s own tongue that betrays him.

The same stick which beats a black dog may beat a white one.

Hunger will make a monkey eat pepper.

Accidents do not give warning, like rain.

You pretend to die, and I’ll pretend to bury you.

Making a fuss is not making haste.

He who tells you to buy a horse with a big belly will not help you feed him.

A dog will never bite its pups to the bone.

If adders were not so dangerous, women would use them for petticoat strings.

If you quarrel with the highroad, which way will you go?

The spoon goes to the tray’s house, but the tray never goes to the spoon’s house.

If you want your eggs hatched, sit on them yourself.