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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Do-Pyazah (16th Century)


Angel.A hidden telltale.

King.The idlest man in the country.

Minister of State.The target for the arrows of the sighs of the oppressed.

Flatterer.One who drives a profitable trade.

Lawyer.One ready to tell any lie.

Fool.An official, for instance, who is honest.

Physician.The herald of death.

Widow.A woman in the habit of praising her husband when he is gone.

Poet.A proud beggar.

Mirror.One that laughs at you to your face.

Bribe.The resource of him who knows he has a bad cause.

National Calamity.A ruler who cares for nothing but the pleasures of the harem.

Salutation.A polite hint to others to get up and greet you with respect.

Priest Calling to Prayers.A disturber of the indolent.

Faithful Friend.Money.

Truthful Man.One who is regarded as an enemy by every one.

Silence.Half consent.

Service.Selling one’s independence.

Hunting.The occupation of those who have no work to do.

Mother-in-Law.A spy domiciled in your house.

Debtor.An ass in a quagmire.

Liar.A person making frequent use of the expression, “I swear to God it is true!”

Guest.One in your house who is impatient to hear the dishes clatter.

Poverty.The consequence of marriage.

Hunger.Something which falls to the lot of those out of employment.

Soporific.Reading the verses of a dull poet.

Druggist.One who wishes everybody to be ill.

Learned Man.One who does not know how to earn his livelihood.

Miser’s Eye.A vessel which is never full.