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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Thomas Percy (1729–1811)

Lilli Burlero

From “Reliques of Ancient English Poetry”

HO! broder Teague, dost hear de decree?

Lilli burlero, bullen a-la,

Dat we shall have a new deputie,

Lilli burlero, bullen a-la,

Lero lero, lilli burlero, lero lero, bullen a-la,

Lero lero, lilli burlero, lero lero, bullen a-la.

Ho! by Shaint Tyburn, it is de Talböte:

Lilli, etc.,

And he will cut de Englishmen’s troate.

Dough by my shoul de English do praat,

Lilli, etc.,

De law’s on dare side, and Crish knows what.

But if dispence do come from de pope,

Lilli, etc.,

We’ll hang Magna Charta and dem in a rope.

For de good Talbot is made a lord,

Lilli, etc.,

And with brave lads is coming aboard:

Who all in France have taken a sware,

Lilli, etc.,

Dat dey will have no Protestant heir.

Ara! but why does he stay behind?

Lilli, etc.,

Ho! by my shoul ’tis a Protestant wind.

But see de Tyrconnel is now come ashore,

Lilli, etc.,

And we shall have commissions gillore.

And he dat will not go to de mass,

Lilli, etc.,

Shall be turn out, and look like an ass.

Now, now de hereticks all go down,

Lilli, etc.,

By Crish and Shaint Patrick, de nation’s our own.

Dare was an old prophecy found in a bog,

Lilli, etc.,

“Ireland shall be rul’d by an ass and a dog.”

And now dis prophecy is come to pass,

Lilli, etc.,

For Talbot’s de dog, and James is de ass.

Lilli, etc.