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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Samuel Lover (1797–1868)

The Blarney

OH, did you ne’er hear of the Blarney

That’s found near the banks of Killarney?

Believe it from me,

No girl’s heart is free,

Once she hears the sweet sound of the Blarney.

For the Blarney’s so great a deceiver

That a girl thinks you’re there, though you leave her,

And never finds out

All the tricks you’re about

Till she’s quite gone herself, with your Blarney.

Oh, say, would you find this same Blarney?

There’s a castle not far from Killarney;

On the top of its wall

(But take care you don’t fall)

There’s a stone that contains all this Blarney

Like a magnet, its influence such is,

That attraction it gives all it touches.

If you kiss it, they say,

From that blessed day

You may kiss whom you please with your Blarney.