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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Thomas Moore (1779–1852)

The Rabbinical Origin of Women

THEY tell us that Woman was made of a rib,

Just picked from a corner, so snug, in the side;

But the Rabbins swear to you that this is a fib,

And ’twas not so at all that the sex was supplied.

For old Adam was fashion’d, the first of his kind,

With a tail like a monkey, full a yard and a span;

And when Nature cut off this appendage behind,

Why then woman was made of the tail of the man.

If such is the tie between women and men,

The ninny who weds is a pitiful elf;

For he takes to his tail, like an idiot, again,

And makes a most horrible ape of himself.

Yet, if we may judge, as the fashions prevail,

Every husband remembers th’ original plan;

And, knowing his wife is no more than his tail,

Why—he leaves her behind him as much as he can.