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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Vol. XIII: Italian—Spanish

Giovanni Boccaccio. 1313–1375. The One-Legged Crane
Three Girls and Their Talk
The Stolen Pig
Rustico di Filippo. 13th Century. The Making of Master Messerin
Cecco Angiolieri. c. 1260–c. 1312. What I Should Like to Do
Luigi Pulci. 1432–1484. The Ridiculous End of Morgante and Margutte
Masuccio Salernitano. 1410–1475. The Inheritance of a Library
The Silver Cup and the Lamprey
Francesco Berni. 1497/8–1535. Living in Bed
Lodovico Ariosto. 1474–1533. What Astolfo Saw in the Moon
Matteo Bandello. 1485–1561. Of a Trick Played upon Some Monks by a Donkey
Benvenuto Cellini. 1500–1571. A Lawsuit and Some Domestic Vicissitudes
A Compulsory Marriage at Sword’s Point
Criticism of a Statue of Hercules
Giovanni Della Casa. 1503–1556. Call Me Not John!
Francesco Redi. 1626–1697. Diatribe Against Water
Carlo Goldoni. 1707–1793. Forcing a Match
A Female ‘Solicitor of Lawsuits
Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni. 1692–1768. In Praise of Small People
Carlo Gozzi. 1720–1806. Uninvited Guests
Giacomo Leopardi. 1798–1837. On Reciting One’s Own Compositions
Dialogue Between Fashion and Death
Dialogue Between the Earth and the Moon
The Academy of Syllographs
The Origin of Laughter
Alberto Nota. 1775–1847. The Purchase of a Greek Manuscript
Alessandro Manzoni. 1785–1873. Don Abbondio’s Encounter with the Outlaws
Antonio Ghislanzoni. 1824–1893. On Musical Instruments
Paolo Ferrari. 1822–1889. Methods of Making a Living
The Penalty for Deceived Husbands
Enrico Castelnuovo. 1839–1915. The Pythagorean Problem
Edmondo De Amicis. 1846–1908. The Conscript
Tooth for Tooth
Hurtado de Mendoza. 1503–1575. The Cheese-Eating Snake
Lope de Vega. 1562–1635. The Demoniac
Luis de Góngora y Argote. 1561–1627. Truth and Falsehood
Baltasar del Alcázar. 1530–1606. Sleep
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. 1547–1616. The Attack on the Windmills
Great Battle Against a Flock of Sheep
Rascalities of Rincon and Cortado
Doctor Glass-Case
José Morell. 17th Century. Advice to an Innkeeper
To a Poet
Pedro Calderón de la Barca. 1600–1681. The Mayor of Zalamea: Act I
Tomás de Iriarte. 1750–1791. The Musical Ass
The Eggs
The Bear, the Ape, and the Pig
Manuel Bretón de los Herreros. 1796–1873. Two Rival Lovers Gulled
Anonymous. 18th Century. Minguillo’s Kiss
Mariano José de Larra. 1809–1837. Joys of Journalism
Don Candido Buenafé’s Ambitious Son
Antonio Ribot y Fontseré. 1813–1871. Maximum and Minimum
Eccentric Britons
Juan Martínez Villergas. 1817–1894. The Friend that Sticketh Closer than a Brother
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. 1833–1891. Courting by Invective
Captain Veneno’s Proposal of Marriage
The Account-Book
Leopoldo Alas. 1852–1901. Doctor Pertinax
Armando Palacio Valdés. 1853–1938. Founding a Provincial Newspaper