The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IV. Prose and Poetry: Sir Thomas North to Michael Drayton.

VII. Marlowe and Kyd


I. Early Editions

Tamburlaine the Great. Who, from a Scythian Shephearde, by his rare and woonderfull Conquests, became a most puissant and mightye Monarque. And (for his tyranny, and terrour in Warre) was tearmed, the Scourge of God. Devided into two Tragicall Discourses, as they were sundrie times shewed upon Stages in the Citie of London. By the right honorable the lord Admyrall, his servantes. Now first, and newlie published. 1590.

In two editions (1) 4to and (2) 8vo. In the latter the half-title of the Second Part reads:

The Second Part of the Bloody Conquest of mighty Tamburlaine. With his impassionate fury, for the death of his Lady and love faire Zenocrate: his fourme of exhortacion and discipline to his three sons, and the maner of his own death.

8vo edition of both Parts, 1592. [Apparently a reissue of Part II with a fresh title-page.]

[An alleged edition of 1593 (Langbaine, p. 344; Halliwell-Phillipps, Dictionary of Old Plays (1860), p. 240) and another of 1597 (Cunningham, Works, p. 368) do not appear to be extant.]

4to edition of First Part, 1605; and 4to edition of Second Part, 1606.

The Tragicall History of D. Faustus. As it hath been acted by the Right Honorable the Earle of Nottingham his servants. Written by Ch. Marl. 1604. 4to.

The Tragicall History of the horrible Life and Death of Doctor Faustus. Written by Ch. Marl. 1609. 4to.

The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus. Written by Ch. Marl. 1616. 4to.

4to. 1619, 1620, 1624, 1631 and 1663.

The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta. As it was played before the King and Queene, in His Majesties Theatre at White-Hall, by her Majesties Servants at the Cock-pit. Written by Christopher Marlo, 1633. 4to.

The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the second, King of England: with the tragicall fall of proud Mortimer. As it was sundrie times publiquely acted in the honourable citie of London, by the right honourable the Earl of Pembroke his servants. Written by Chri. Marlow Gent. 1594. 8vo.

The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the second, … Mortimer: and also the life and death of Peirs Gaveston, the great Earle of Cornewall, and … mighty favorite of King Edward the second, as it was publiquely acted … servauntes. Written by Chri. Marlow Gent. 1598. 4to. Also 1612 and 1622. 4to.

The Massacre at Paris: With the Death of the Duke of Guise. As it was plaide by the right honourable the Lord high Admirall his servants. Written by Christopher Marlow. (n.d.) 8vo.

The Tragedie of Dido Queene of Carthage: Played by the Children of his Majesties Chappell. Written by Christopher Marlowe, and Thomas Nash, Gent.… 1594. 4to.

Hero and Leander. By Christopher Marloe. London. 1598. 4to.

Hero and Leander: Begun by Christopher Marloe; and finished by George Chapman. Ut Nectar, Ingenium. 1598. 4to.

4to. 1600, 1606, 1609, 1613, 1629, 1637.

Epigrammes and Elegies. By J. D. [Sir John Davies] and C. M. At Middleborugh. (n.d.) 12mo. The other early editions are also undated.

Lucans First Booke Translated Line for Line, by Chr. Marlow. 1600. 4to.

II. Later Editions
A. Collected Works

Robinson, G. (ed. with life). 3 vols. 1826.

Dyce, A. (ed.) 3 vols. 1850. Rptd. 1858, and, in one vol., in 1865 and 1876.

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B. Particular Works


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Dr. Faustus.

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Edward II.

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Ovid’s Elegies.

Rpt. of Isham copy of text (u.s.). Edmonds, C. (ed.). 1870.

III. Biographical and Critical
(Exclusive of general histories of literature.)

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I. Early Editions

Cornelia. At London. Printed by James Roberts, for N. L. and John Busbie. 1594. 4to.

Pompey the Great, his faire Corneliaes Tragedie: effected by her Father and Husbandes downe-cast, death, and fortune. Written in French, by that excellent Poet Ro. Garnier; and translated into English by Thoma[s] Kid. 1595. 4to.

The First Part of Jeronimo. With the Warres of Portugall, and the life and death of Don Andraea. 1605.

The Spanish Tragedie containing the lamentable end of Don Horatio and Belimperia: with the pittiful death of olde Hieronimo. Newly corrected and amended of such grosse faults as passed in the first impression. 4to. undated. (B.M.)

[Schick J. (Introd. XXII.) assumes that an earlier ed. by Jeffes was printed in 1592.]

The Spanish Tragedy. 4to. 1594. (Univ. lib., Göttingen.)

—— 4to. 1599. (Earl of Ellesmere’s library.)

—— 4to. 1602. (Bodleian.) The first of the enlarged quartos “Newly corrected, amended, and enlarged with new additions of the Painters part, and others, as it hath of late been divers times acted.”

[The best account of these early editions is in the introduction to Schick’s ed. (Sec. II B below).]

The Tragedie of Solimon and Perseda. Wherein is laide open, Loves constancie, Fortunes inconstancie and Deaths Triumphs. 1599.

II. Later Editions
A. Collected Works

The Works of Thomas Kyd. Ed. Boas, F. S. Oxford, 1901.

B. Particular Works

The Spanish Tragedy.

Manly’s Specimens. Vol. II.

Markscheffel, K. (ed.). The Spanish Tragedy. Kritischer Text und Apparat. Litterarhistorische Forschungen, edd. Schick & Waldberg. Berlin, 1901.

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III. Biographical and Critical
(Exclusive of general histories of literature.)

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As to editions of early Chronicle Histories other than Edward II mentioned in this Chapter, pp. 170–2, see, for The Famous Victories of Henry the fifth, The Troublesome Raigne of John, King of England (two Parts), and The First Part of the Contention betwixt the Two famous Houses of Yorke and Lancaster and The True Tragedie of Richard, Duke of Yorke, the bibliography to Chaps. VIII–XII (Shakespeare) sec. 3; and, for The famous Chronicle of King Edwarde the first, the bibliography to Chap. VI (The Plays of the University Wits); and add:

The Life and Death of Jacke Straw, A notable Rebell in England: Who was kild in Smithfield by the Lord Maior of London. 1593.

Rptd. in Hazlitt’s Dodsley, vol. V.

A full survey of English chronicle plays, there defined as dramas based as to source on the chronicle history of Great Britain, will be found in Schelling’s Elizabethan Drama, vol. I, pp. 251 ff.; cf. the same author’s The English Chronicle Play, New York, 1902. See also the exhaustive survey of English historical dramas, and of dramas from the national history in particular, in the Elizabethan age, in Creizenach, vol. IV, part I, pp. 193 ff.