The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VI. The Drama to 1642, Part Two.

V. Beaumont and Fletcher


In addition to the lists in General Bibliography, see

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Comedies and Tragedies written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gentlemen. Never printed before, And now published by the Authours Originall Copies. 1647. fol. [Contains the following plays: The Mad Lover. The Chances. The Spanish Curate. The Loyall Subject. The Little French Lawyer. The Lawes of Candy. The Custome of the Country. The Lover’s Progresse. The Noble Gentleman. The Island Princesse. The Captaine. The Humorous Lieutenant. The Beggers Bush. The Nice Valour, or the Passionate The Coxcombe. Mad Man. The False One. The Maide in the Mill. The Prophetesse. A Wife for a Moneth. The Tragedy of Bonduca. Wit at severall Weapons. The Sea Voyage. The Tragedy of Valentinian. The Double Marriage The Faire Maid of the Inne. The Pilgrim. Loves Pilgrimage. The Knight of Malta. The Maske of the Gentlemen of The Womans Prize, or the Tamer Grayes-Inne, and the Inner Temple, Tamed. at the Marriage of the Prince and Loves Cure, or the Martiall Maide. Princesse Palatine of Rhene. The Honest Mans Fortune. Foure Playes (or Morall Representations) The Queene of Corinth. in one. Women Pleas’d. The thirty-four plays included in the above list were all previously unprinted. The Masque of the Inner Temple and Grayes Inn, “presented before his Majestie, the Queenes Majestie, the Prince, Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth their Highnesses, in the Banquetting house at White-hall on Saturday the twentieth day of Februarie, 1612,” was twice printed, s.d., one of the issues being “By Francis Beaumont, Gent.” The Wild-Goose Chase was omitted because the copy of it had gone astray. When recovered, it was published separately in folio, 1652.]

Fifty Comedies and Tragedies. Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gentlemen.… Published by the Authors Original Copies, the Songs to each play being added. 1679. fol. [Contains fifty-two plays (including the Coronation) and the Masque.]

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Beaumont and Fletcher. Edd. Glover, A. and Waller, A. R. (Cambridge English Classics.) 1905 ff. [A reprint of the folio of 1679, with collation of all the previously printed texts. To be completed in ten volumes, seven of which are now published.]

[In chronological order]

The Woman Hater. As it hath been lately acted by the Children of Paules.… 1607. (Two issues.) The Woman Hater.…Written by John Fletcher, Gent. 1648. The Woman Hater, or The Hungry Courtier.… Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. 1649. Also 1718.

The Faithful Shepherdess, by John Fletcher.… [n.d., probably 1609.] Also 1629, 1634, 1656, 1665, and ed. Moorman, F. W. (Temple Dramatists), 1897.

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(Temple Dramatists), 1898; Murch, H. S. (Yale Studies in English), 1908.

The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn.… [n.d., probably 1613.]

Cupid’s Revenge.… By John Fletcher. 1615.

Cupid’s Revenge.… Written by Fran. Beaumont and Jo. Fletcher.… 1630. Also 1635, 1778.

The Scornful Lady.… Written by Fra. Beaumont and Jo. Fletcher.… 1616. Also 1625, 1630, 1635, 1639, 1651, 1677, 1691, 1695(?), 1717. With alterations, 1783.

A King and No King.… Written by Francis Beaumont and Joh. Flecher… 1619. Also 1625, 1631, 1639, 1655, 1661, 1676, 1693.

The Maid’s Tragedy.… 1619.

The Maid’s Tragedy.… Newly perused, augmented and inlarged.… 1622.

The Maid’s Tragedy.… Written by Fr. Beaumont and John Fletcher.… 1630.

Also 1638, 1641, 1650, 1661, 1686, 1704, 1717, etc. Ed. Thorndike, A. H.

(Belles Lettres Series), 1906; Cox, F. J., 1908. Waller’s alterations, in Waller’s Poems, 1690.

Philaster or Love lyes a Bleeding.… Written by Francis Baymont and John Fletcher.… 1620. Also 1622, 1628, 1634, 1639, 1652 (two issues), 1660 (?), 1687, 1717. Also altered for the stage 1763, etc. Ed. Boas, F. S. (Temple Dramatists), 1898; Thorndike, A. H. (Belles Lettres Series), 1906.

The Tragedy of Thierry, King of France, and his brother Theodoret.… 1621. The Tragedy of Thierry.… Written by John Fletcher.… 1648. The Tragedy of Thierry.… Written by F. Beamont and John Fletcher.… 1649.

Henry VIII. First printed in the Shakespeare fol. 1623. Many separate stage editions, and (with notes) Hunter, J., 1860; Rolfe, W. J., 1872; Lawson, W., 1875; Hudson, H. N., 1876, etc.

The Two Noble Kinsmen.… Written by … Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. William Shakespeare.… 1634. Included in several editions of Shakespeare.

Also ed. Skeat, W. W., 1875; Littledale, H., 1876 (a reprint of the 1634 edition); Hudson, H., 1881; Rolfe, W. J., 1883; Herford, C. H., 1897.

The Elder Brothers.… Written by John Fletcher, Gent. 1637. (Two issues.) The Elder Brother.… Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.… 1651. Also 1661, 1678.

Wit without Money.… Written by Francis Beamount and John Flecher.… 1639. Also 1661, 1718.

Monsieur Thomas.… The Author John Fletcher.… 1639. Fathers Own Son.… The Author John Fletcher.… [The same as the preceding.]

The Bloody Brother. A Tragedy. By B. J. F.… 1639. The Tragedy of Rollo, Duke of Normandy.… Written by John Fletcher, Gent. Oxford, 1640. The Bloody Brother, or Rollo. 1718.

Rule a Wife and Have a Wife.… Written by John Fletcher, Gent. Oxford, … 1640. Also (London) 1696, 1697, 1717, (Dublin) 1728, and many stage editions.

The Night-Walker, or The Little Thief.… Written by John Fletcher, Gent. 1640. Also 1661.

The Wild-Goose Chase.… Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gent. Retriv’d for the publick delight of all the Ingenious; And private benefit of John Lowin and Joseph Taylor, Servants to His late Majestie. 1652.

A Very Woman.… Written by Philip Massenger.… 1655. [Published with The Bashful Lover and The Guardian.]

The Beggars Bush. Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gentlemen. 1661. (Two issues.) Also 1717, and altered as The Royal Merchant and the Merchant of Bruges.

The Chances, a comedy.… Corrected and altered [by the Duke of Buckingham].… 1682. Also 1692, 1705. As altered by Garrick 1773, etc.

The Humorous Lieutenant, or Generous Enemies, a comedy.… 1697. Demetrius and Enanthe, being The Humorous Lieutenant,… published from a MS. dated 1625… by Dyce, A. 1830.

The Island Princess.… 1717. Also as altered for the stage 1669, 1687, etc.

Valentinian.… 1717. Also altered 1685, 1696.

The Prophetess.… 1717. Also altered 1690, 1719.

A Wife for a Month.… 1717.

The Loyal Subject, or The Faithful General.… 1700 (?). Also 1717, 1748.

The Custom of the Country.… 1717.

The Pilgrim.… 1718. Also altered 1700, 1789, etc.

Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid.… 1718.

Bonduca.… 1718. Altered for the stage, 1696, 1778, etc.

The Spanish Curate.… 1718.

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[In chronological order]

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A. Before 1800

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B. From 1800

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