The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VI. The Drama to 1642, Part Two.

VI. Philip Massinger


(The dates prefixed to the plays are those of first performance)

Before 1623. The Duke of Millaine. A Tragedie. As it hath beene often acted by his Majesties servants, at the blacke Friers. 1623.

Before 1623. The Unnaturall Combat. A Tragedie. The Scaena Marsellis. Written by Philip Massinger. As it was presented by the Kings Majesties Servants at the Globe. 1639.

1623. The Bond Man: An Ancient Storie. As it hath been often Acted with good allowance, at the Cock-pit in Drury-lane: by the most excellent Princesse, the lady Elizabeth her Servants. 1624. Rptd. 1719 with a second title Love and Liberty.

1624. The Renegado, A Tragaecomedie. As it hath beene often acted by the Queenes Majesties servants, at the private Play-house in Drurye-Lane. 1630.

1624. The Parliament of Love. A Comedy. Licensed for the stage on 3 June, 1624, and acted 3 November, 1624, at the Cockpit, Drury Lane. First ptd. by Gifford in 1805 from a MS. belonging to Malone.

Before 1626. A New Way To Pay Old Debts. A Comoedie. As it hath beene often acted at the Phoenix in Drury-Lane, by the Queenes Majesties servants. 1633.

1626. The Roman Actor. A Tragoedie. As it hath divers times beene, with good allowance Acted, at the private Play-house in the Black-Friers, by the Kings Majesties Servants. 1629.

The Maid of Honour. As it hath beene often presented with good allowance at the Phoenix in Drurie-Lane, by the Queenes Majesties Servants. 1632.

1627. The Great Duke of Florence. A Comicale Historie. As it hath beene often presented with good allowance by her Ma[char] Servants at the Phoenix in Drurie-Lane. 1636.

1629. The Picture. A Tragecomedie, As it was often presented with good allowance, at the Globe, and Blacke-Friers Play-houses, by the Kings Majesties servants. 1630.

1631. The Emperour Of The East. A Tragae-Comoedie. The Scaena Constantinople. As it hath bene divers times acted, at the Black-friers, and Globe Play-houses, by the Kings Majesties Servants. 1632.

1631. Believe as you list. A Comedy. Entered on the Stationers’ books 9 September, 1653, and, again, 29 June, 1660, but not printed. First ptd. in 1849 (see Sec. II B post).

1632. The City Madam, A Comedie. As it was acted at the private House in Black Friers with great applause. 1658.

1633. The Guardian, a Comical History. As it hath been acted by the Kings players at the Private-house in Black-fryers. 1655. [This and the two plays following were published in one volume for Humphrey Moseley under the title: Three New Playes.]

1634. A Very Woman. A Tragi-Comedy. As it hath been often Acted at the Private-House in Black-Friers, by his late Majesties Servants, with great Applause. 1655.

1636. The Bashful Lover. A Tragi-Comedy. As it hath been often Acted at the Private-House in Black-Friers, by his late Majesties Servants, with great Applause. 1655.

(With Dekker.) Lic. 1620. The Virgin Martir, A Tragedie, As it hath bin divers times publickely Acted with great Applause, By the servants of his Majesties Revels. Written by Philip Messenger and Thomas Deker. 1622. Other editions.

(With Nathaniel Field.) The Fatall Dowry: A Tragedy. As it hath been often Acted at the Private House in Blackefryers by his Majesties Servants. Written by P. M. and N. F. 1632.

As to the plays in which Massinger co-operated with Fletcher, see Appendix and bibliography to Chap. V, ante (Beaumont and Fletcher).

As to The Old Law, ptd. in 1656 as by Massinger, Middleton and William Rowley, see bibliography to Chap. III, ante (Middleton and Rowley).

A. Collected Works

Works. Ed. Coxeter, T. 4 vols. 1759. Re-issued 1761, with an introduction by Davies, T.

Dramatic Works. Ed. Mason, T. M. 4 vols. 1779.

Plays. Ed. Gifford, W. 4 vols. 1805, 1813, 1850. [The Standard edition.]

Plays. From the Text of Wm. Gifford. With the Addition of Believe as you List. Ed. Cunningham, F. 1870.

B. Selections and Single Plays

Philip Massinger. Ed. Symons, A. (Mermaid Series.) 2 vols. 1887–9, 1904. [Contains: The Duke of Milan; A New Way to pay Old Debts; The Great Duke of Florence; The Maid of Honour; The City Madam; The Roman Actor; The Fatal Dowry; The Guardian; The Virgin Martyr; Believe as you list.]

Believe as you List. Now first printed. Ed. Croker, T. Crofton. Percy Soc. Publ., vol. XXVII. 1849.

Sir John van Olden Barnavelt [by Massinger and Fletcher]. Bullen’s Old English Plays, vol. II, pp. 201 ff.

C. Non-Dramatic Poems

Grosart, A. B. Literary Finds in Trinity College, Dublin, and elsewhere. Engl. Stud., vol. XXVI, pp. I ff. [Contains: The Copy of a Letter written upon occasion to the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Chamberlain; A New Year’s gift presented to Lady Katherine Stanhope, now Countess of Chesterfield, and the lines to J. S. (James Smith).]

The Poems ptd. in vol. IV of Gifford’s ed. consist of the lines to Shirley on his comedy The Gratefull Servant, the lines To his Son, J. S. (James Smith) upon his Minerva, and the elegy addressed to Philip earl of Pembroke, on the death of his son Charles, lord Herbert.


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