The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VI. The Drama to 1642, Part Two.

VII. Tourneur and Webster


Webster and Tourneur. Ed. Symonds, J. A. (Mermaid Series.) 1888. [Contains: The White Devil; The Duchess of Malfi; The Atheist’s Tragedy; The Revenger’s Tragedy.]

Swinburne, A. C. The Age of Shakespeare. 1908.

A. Original Editions
(i) Plays

The Revenger’s Tragoedie. As it hath beene sundry times Acted, by the Kings Majesties Servants. 1607.

The Atheist’s Tragedie: Or The honest Man’s Revenge. As in divers places it hath often beene Acted, Written by Cyril Tourneur. 1611.

(ii) Other Works

The Transformed Metamorphosis. 1600.

A Funerall Poeme. Upon the Death of the Most Worthie and True Souldier. Sir Francis Vere, Knight; Captaine of Portsmouth, &c., L. Governour of his Majesties Cautionarie Towne of Briell in Holland &c. 1609.

A Griefe On the Death of Prince Henrie. Expressed in a Broken Elegie, according to the nature of such a Sorrow. By Cyril Tourneur. 1613. [Part of Three Elegies on The most lamented Death of Prince Henrie: the other two being written by John Webster and Tho. Heywood.]

B. Modern Edition

Plays and Poems. Ed. Collins, J. Churton. 2 vols. 1873.

A. Original Editions
(i) Plays

The White Divel; Or, The Tragedy of Paulo Giordano Ursini, Duke of Brachiano, With The Life and Death of Vittoria Corombona the famous Venetian Curtizan. Acted by the Queenes Majesties Servants. 1612.

The Tragedy of the Dutchesse Of Malfy. As it was Presented privatly, at the Black-Friers; and publiquely at the Globe, By the Kings Majesties Servants. The perfect and exact Coppy, with diverse things Printed, that the length of the Play would not beare in the Presentment. 1623.

The Devils Law-case. Or, When Women goe to Law, the Devill is full of Businesse. A new Tragecomoedy. The true and perfect Copie from the Originall As it was approovedly well Acted by her Majesties Servants. 1623.

Appius And Virginia. A Tragedy. 1654.

(ii) Plays ascribed in part or wholly to Webster

(With William Rowley.) A Cure for a Cuckold. A Pleasant Comedy; As it hath been several times Acted with great Applause. 1661.

(With William Rowley.) The Thracian Wonder. A Comical History. As it hath been several times Acted with great Applause. 1661.

For the original editions of The Famous History of Sir Thomas Wyat, WestWard Hoe and North-Ward Hoe, see bibliography to Chap. II, Sec. III A (i), ante; for those of The Weakest goeth to the Wall, see bibliography to Vol. V, Chap. XIII, and of The Malcontent, see bibliography to Chap. II, Sec. II A (i), ante.

(iii) Masques

Monuments of Honor. Derived from remarkable Antiquity and Celebrated in the Honorable City of London, at the sole Munificent charge and expences of the Right Worthy and Worshipfull Fraternity of the Eminent Merchant Taylors. Directed in their most affectionate Love at the Confirmation of their right Worthy Brother John Gore in the High Office of his Majesties Lieutenant over this Royall Chamber, Expressing in a Magnificent Tryumph, all the Pageants, Chariots of Glory, Temples of Honor, besides a specious and goodly Sea Tryumph, as well particularly to the Honor of the City, as generally to the Glory of this our Kingdome. 1624.

(iv) Elegy

A Monumental Columne Erected to the living Memory of the ever-glorious Henry, late Prince of Wales. 1613.

B. Modern Editions

Works. Ed. Dyce, A. 4 vols. 1830. New ed. 1857.

Dramatic works. Ed. Hazlitt, W. 4 vols. 1857.

The White Devil and Duchess of Malfy. Ed. Sampson, M. W. Boston, 1904.

Reviewed by Brereton, J. Le Gay, under title Webster’s Twin Masterpieces in Hermes, 22 November, 1905.

The Duchess of Malfi. Ed. Vaughan, C. E. (Temple Dramatists.) 1896.

C. Sources and Criticism

Crawford, C. Webster and Marston. Collectanea. 2 vols. 1906–7. (Vol. II.)

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Gnoli, D. Vittoria Accoramboni. Florence, 1870. [This is a complete account of the life and murder of Vittoria, based upon an exhaustive study of the chronicles.]

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Rosset, François de. Histoires tragiques de nostre temps. [The second edition (British Museum) is dated 1615. But it is dedicated “à feu M. le Chevalier de Guise,” who died in 1614. And the first edition, of which no notice seems discernible, must, in all probability, have been published during his life; i.e. in, or before, 1614.] For the story of Vittoria, under fancy names (Cardinal Montalto, Sixtus V, is “Cardinal Altamont”), see Histoire XV, pp. 402–442.

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An account of Vittoria’s history will be found in Symonds, J. A., History of the Renaissance in Italy, The Catholic Reaction, Part I, pp. 381–399, 1886. See also Vittoria Accoramboni, in the same author’s Italian Byways, 1883.

For The Duchess of Malfi:

A true Relation of the deserved Death of that base and insolent Tyrant, the most unworthy Marshall of France; A manifestation of the Combination and Tyrannie of Marshall d’Ancre; Letter of the French King to the Parliament of Roan; A True Recital of those things that have been done in the Court of France since the Death of Marshall D’Ancre. 1617.

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For The Devil’s Law Case:

Life and Death of Louis Gaufredy… who committed most abhominable Sorceries. 1612.

Michaelis, S. The admirable History of the Passion and Conversion of a Penitent Woman, Seduced by a Magician. London, 1613. [This appears to have been the account read by Webster.]

An account of these trials will also be found in Michelet, Histoire de France, vol. XI, pp. 306–337.

For a Cure for a Cuckold:

Love’s Graduate. A Comedy by John Webster. Ptd. at the Private Press of H. Daniel. Oxford, 1885. [This extract is supposed to be Webster’s share of the published play; the title is supplied by the editor.]

For The Thracian Wonder:

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