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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

I. Cavalier Lyrists


Collected Works

Poems. By Thomas Carew, Esquire, one of the Gentlemen of the Privie-Chamber, and Sewer in Ordinary to His Majesty. 1640. 2nd ed. 1642.

Poems, with a Maske. 3rd ed. 1651.

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Single Works and Selections

Cœlum Britannicum. A Masque at Whitehall in the Banquetting-House on Shrove-Tuesday-night, the 18 of February 1633 [n.s. 1634]. 1634.

Thomas Carew’s Poems. Hull, 1903.

[See A. T. Quiller-Couch’s Adventures in Criticism, 1896.]


Hesperides: or, the Works, both Humane and Divine of Robert Herrick, Esq. 1648.

Select Poems from the Hesperides, with occasional remarks by Nott, J. Bristol, 1810.

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Hesperides. Ed. Pollard, A. W., with a preface by Swinburne, A. C. 2 vols. 1891. Revised ed. [n.d.]

Among other rpts. of Hesperides, mention may be made of the Kelmscott ed., ed. by Ellis, F. S., and ptd. by William Morris, 1895, and of the Aldine Poets ed., ed. Saintsbury, G., 2 vols., 1893.

(For general authorities, see later.)

Gosse, E. Seventeenth Century Studies. 1883.

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See, also, the introductions to eds. of the Hesperides by Hazlitt, W. C., Pollard, A. W., and Saintsbury, G., and the article on Herrick in the Edinburgh Review, January 1904.


Lucasta: Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, etc., to which is added Amarantha, a Pastorall. By Richard Lovelace, Esq. 1649.

Lucasta: Posthume Poems of Richard Lovelace, Esq. 1659.

Lucasta. Ed. Singer, S. W. 1818.

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General Authorities

Cavalier and Courtier Lyrists. Canterbury Poets. 1891.

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Collected Works

Fragmenta Aurea. A Collection of all the Incomparable Pieces, written by Sir John Suckling. And published by a Friend to perpetuate his memory. 1646. A 2nd ed., unaltered, appeared in 1648; a 3rd, “with some new Additionals,” in 1658.

Poems, Plays and Other Remains. Ed. Hazlitt, W. C. 2 vols. 1874. 2nd ed., revised. 1892.

The Works of Sir John Suckling. Ed. Thompson, A. H. 1910.

Single Works and Selections

Aglaura, a tragi-comedy. 1638 and 1648.

The Discontented Colonell [entitled Brennoralt in the Fragmenta Aurea of 1646]. [n. d.]

The Coppy of a Letter written to the Lower House of Parliament touching Divers Grievances and Inconveniences of the State, etc. 1641.

The Goblins. A Select Collection of Old Plays. Ed. Collier, J. P. Vol. X. 1825–7.

Selections from the Works of Sir John Suckling, 1836; contains a biography of Suckling by Suckling, A. I. See, also, Linton, W. J., Rare Poems of the 16th and 17th centuries, Boston, Mass., 1883.