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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

III. Writers of the Couplet



Poeticall Blossomes. 1633. 2nd ed. with the Tragicall History of Piramus and Thisbe, and Sylva, or, Divers Copies of Verses, Made upon sundry occasions. 3 parts. 1636. 3rd ed. enlarged. 1637.

Loves Riddle. A Pastorall Comœdie; Written, At the time of his being Kings Scholler in Westminster Schoole. 1638.

Naufragium Joculare. 1638.

A Satyre. The Puritan and the Papist. By a Scholler in Oxford. 1643.

The Mistresse: or, severall copies of love-verses. 1647.

The Guardian; a Comedie. Acted before Prince Charls his Highness at Trinity-Colledg in Cambridge, upon the twelfth of March, 1641. 1650.

Poems. 4 parts, viz. I, Miscellanies; II, The Mistress; III, Pindarique Odes, Written in Imitation of the Stile &Manner of the Odes of Pindar; IV, Davideis, a sacred poem of the troubles of David [with a Latin version of Davideis, book I]. 1656.

Ode; upon the blessed Restoration and Return of his sacred Majestie, Charls the Second. 1660.

A Proposition for the Advancement of Experimental Philosophy. 1660.

A Discourse by way of Vision, concerning the government of Oliver Cromwell [otherwise: A Vision concerning his late pretended Highness Cromwell the Wicked]. 1661.

A. Couleii Plantarum libri duo. 1662.

Cutter of Coleman-Street. A Comedy. 1663.

Verses lately written upon several occasions. 1663.

The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. Consisting of Those which were formerly Printed: and Those which he Design’d for the Press, now published out of the Authors Original Copies. 6 parts [viz. I, II, III, IV as in 1656; V, Verses on several Occasions; VI, Several Discourses by way of Essays, in Verse and Prose]. With An Account of the Life and Writings of Mr. Abraham Cowley, by T. Sprat [F.R.S.]. 1668. 2nd ed. 1668–9; 3rd ed. 1671–2; 4th ed. 1674; 5th ed. 1678; 6th ed. 1680–1, contains Second Part of Works; 10th ed. 3 vols. 1707.

Poemata Latina (Plantarum libri sex; Miscell. lib. i). 1668. 2nd ed. 1678.

A Poem on the Late Civil War. 1679.

The Second Part of the Works, etc. Being what was written and published by himself in his Younger Years. 4th ed. 1681. Added to the Works, 6th ed. 1680–1.

Spurious or Doubtful Verse.

A Satyre against Separatists; or, The Conviction of Chamber-Preachers, and other Chismatiches, contrary to the Discipline of this our Protestant Profession. By A. C. Generosus. 1642. Later eds. 1660, 1675.

The Foure Ages of England; or the Iron Age, with other select poems. 1705.

Modern Editions

Select Works, with preface and notes [by Hurd, R.] 2 vols. 1772.

Works in Prose and Verse, with life by Johnson and Hurd’s notes. 3 vols. 1809.

Complete Works. Ed. Grosart, A. B. 2 vols. Chertsey Worthies Library. 1876, 1881.

Poems: Miscellanies, The Mistress, Pindarique Odes, Davideis, Verses Written on several occasions. Ed. Waller, A. R. Cambridge, 1905.

Essays, Plays and Sundry Verses. Ed. Waller, A. R. Cambridge, 1906.


Madagascar, with other poems. 1638. 2nd ed. 1648.

London, King Charles his Augusta, or, City Royal, of the founders, the names, and oldest honours of that City. An historicall and antiquarian work. Written at first in heroicall Latin verse according to Greek, Roman, British, English, and other antiquities and authorities, and now translated into English couplets, with annotations. 1648.

A Discourse upon Gondibert, an heroick poem written by Sir W. D’Avenant, with an answer to it by Mr Hobbs. 1650.

Gondibert: an heroick Poem [with the Author’s Preface to his most honour’d friend Mr. Hobs, and the Answer of Mr. Hobbes to Sr Will. D’ Avenant’s Preface before Gondibert]. 1651.

Poem upon his sacred Majesties most happy return to his dominions. 1660.

Poem, to the King’s most sacred Majesty. 1663.

The Works of Sr William D’avenant kt. Consisting of Those which were formerly Printed, and Those which he design’d for the Press: now published out of the Authors Originall Copies. 1673. (Contains, in addition to Gondibert, Madagascar with other Poems, and the plays, Poems on Several Occasions. Never before Printed, which include the Entertainment at Rutland-House.)

Wit and Drollery: jovial poems, never before printed. 1656. (Contains contributions by Sir W. D’Avenant.)

Complimentary Verses

Certain Verses, written by severall of the author’s friends, to be reprinted with the second edition of Gondibert. 1653.

Modern Edition

Spingarn, J. E. Critical Essays of the seventeenth century, vol. II. (Pp. 1–67 contain a reprint of the preface to Gondibert with Hobbes’s answer.)


The Sophy. 1642.

Cooper’s Hill, etc. 1642. 2nd ed. with additions, 1650; 3rd ed. [ed. J. B.], corrected, 1655.

Verses addressed to Sir R. Fanshaw upon his translation of Pastor Fido. 1647.

On Mr. John Fletcher’s Works (prefixed to first fol. of Beaumont and Fletcher. 1647).

The Anatomy of Play. 1651.

The Destruction of Troy. An essay on the second book of Virgil’s Æneis, written in the year 1636. 1656.

A Relation of a Quaker. 1659.

Poems and Translations, with the Sophy. 3 parts. 1667–8. 2nd ed. 1671; 3rd ed. 1684; 4th ed. (containing Cato Major of Old Age), 1703.

Cato Major of Old age. A Poem. 1669.

Horace, translated from Corneille (fifth act by Denham). 1678.

A Version of the Psalms of David. 1714.

Satires, etc., attributed to Denham.

Second and Third Advices to a Painter. 1667.

The Famous Battel of the Catts, in the Province of Ulster. 1668.

The True Presbyterian without disguise: or, a Character of a Presbyterian’s ways and actions. 1680.


A Relation of a Journey begun An. Dom. 1610. Foure Bookes. Containing a description of the Turkish Empire, of Ægypt, of the Holy Land, of the Remote parts of Italy, and Ilands adjoyning. 1615.

The first five books of “Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” & c., by G. S., & c., second edition. 1621. Title, with other particulars, given in Brydges, Sir E., Censura Literaria, VI, 132; but no copy known.

Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Englished by G. S. 1626, 1628.

Ovid’s Metamorphosis Englished, Mythologized, and Represented in Figures. An Essay to the Translation of Virgil’s Aeneis. Oxford, 1632, called by Sandys the 2nd ed. 3rd ed. 1638; 4th ed. 1656. Hooper mentions a 1640 ed.

A Paraphrase upon the Psalms of David. 1636.

A Paraphrase upon the Divine Poems. (Including the Psalms, with Lawes’s music.) 1637–8.

Christ’s Passion, a tragedy; with annotations. 1640, 1687.

A Paraphrase upon the Song of Solomon. 1641. Added to the other Paraphrases in 1676.

Modern Edition

Poetical Works. Ed. Richard Hooper. 2 vols. 1872.


Speech against Prelates Innovations. 1641.

Speech in the Painted Chamber on the Impeachment of Crawley, 6 July 1641. 1641.

Speech, 4 July 1643. 1643.

The Workes of Edmond Waller Esquire, lately a Member of the Honourable House of Commons, in this present Parliament. 1645.

Poems, &c. written by Mr. Ed. Waller of Beckonsfield … And printed by a copy of his own hand-writing. 1645. Another ed. 1645.

A Panegyrick to my Lord Protector, of the present Greatness and joynt Innterest of his Highness, and this Nation. 1655. Another ed. By a Gentleman that loves the Peace, Union, and Prosperity of the English Nation. 1655.

Upon the late Storme, and of the death of his Highnesse Ensuing the same. [1658.]

The Passion of Dido for Æneas, translated by Edmund Waller and Sidney Godolphin. 1658.

To the King, Upon his Majesty’s happy return. 1660.

To my Lady Morton, on New Year’s Day, 1650. At the Louvre in Paris. 1661.

A Poem on St. James’s Park as lately improved by his Majesty. Of our late War with Spaine and first Victory at sea near St. Lugar. 1661.

To the Queen, Upon her Majesty’s Birthday. 1663.

Poems, etc. never till now corrected and published with the’ approbation of the Author. 1664. 3rd ed. with additions. 1668. 6th ed. contains the altered Maid’s Tragedy. 1693.

Upon her Majesty’s New Buildings at Somerset House. 1665.

Instructions to a Painter, for the drawing of the posture and progress of his Majesty’s forces at sea, under the command of his Highness-royal; together with the Battle and Victory obtained over the Dutch, June 3, 1665. 1666.

Divine Poems. 1685.

The Maid’s Tragedy [by Beaumont and Fletcher] Altered, etc. 1690.

The Second Part of Mr. Waller’s Poems containing his alteration of the Maid’s Tragedy, And whatever of his is yet unprinted: Together with some other Poems, Speeches, & c., that were printed Severally and never put into the First Collection of his Poems. (With preface attributed to Francis Atterbury, Ch. Ch. Oxon.) 1690.

Works in verse and prose, published by Mr. [Elijah] Fenton. (With Fenton’s Observations on some of Waller’s Poems.) 1729.

The following verses were first printed among collections of complimentary verses:

To the King, on his Return from Scotland. (Lat. elegiacs in Rex Redux, Cambridge, 1633.)

To my Worthy Friend Mr. George Sandys, on his sacred poems. [1638.]

Upon Ben: Johnson, the most excellent of comic poets. Jonsonus Virbius, 1638.

Verses to Dr. George Rogers, on his taking the degree of Doctor of Physic at Padua. [1646.]

To Sir William Davenant, upon his two first books of Gondibert. [1650.]

To my worthy Friend, Mr. Wase, the translator of Gratius. [1654.]

Ad Comitem Monumetensem de Bentivoglio Suo. [1654.]

To his worthy Friend, Master Evelyn, upon his translation of Lucretius. [1656.]

To his worthy Friend, Sir Thos. Higgons, upon the translation of “The Venetian Triumph.” [1658.]

Of Pandoras not being approved upon the stage as a Tragedy. (To Mr., i. e. Sir William Killigrew, 1665.)

Upon the Earl of Roscommon’s translation of Horace, De Arte Poetica; and of the use of poetry. [1680.]

Several poems of Waller, including, Go, lovely Rose, were first published in Witts Recreations. Selected from the finest Fancies of the Modern Muses, 1640; and two songs were printed with the poems of Francis Beaumont, 1653. (See G. T. Drury’s ed. of Waller.)

Modern Editions

Chalmers. English Poets, vol. VIII, pp. 1–84. 1810. (With Johnson’s Life, and one or two pieces previously unprinted.)

The Poems of Edmund Waller. Ed. Drury, G. Thorn. 1893. (With life, notes, and a few pieces previously unprinted.)


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