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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

IV. Lesser Caroline Poets



Minor Caroline Poets. Vols. I and II. Oxford, 1905–6. Vol. I contains Chamberlayne, Benlowes, K. Philips and Hannay: vol. II Marmion, Kynaston, Hall, Godolphin, Ayres, Chalkhill, Patrick Carey, Hammond and Bosworth. A third vol. is intended to include Cleiveland, Stanley, bp. King, Heath, Flecknoe (Miscellanea), Flatman, Whiting, Hawkins, Beedome, Prestwich, Lawrence, Picke, Jenkyns and “Philander.”


Separate editions (those asterisked are also in the Collection as above).

*Ayres, Philip. Lyric Poems. 1687.

—— Emblems of Love. [n.d., 1680?.]

Ayton, or Aytoun, Sir Robert (1570–1638), friend of Hobbes and Jonson. For his poems, see ed. Rogers, C., 1844, and Eyre-Todd, G., Scottish Poetry of the 17th cent.

Bancroft, Thomas. Anthion and Fidelta. 1658.

Baron, Robert. Erotopaegnion or the Cyprian Academy. 1648.

—— Pocula Castalia. 1650.

Beedome, Thomas. Poems. 1641.

*Benlowes, Edward. Theophila. 1652.

—— The Summary of Divine Wisdom. 1657.

Bold, Henry. Poems. 1664.

*Bosworth, William. The Chaste and Lost Lovers.… Arcadius and Sepha. 1651.

Bradstreet, Anne (1612–72). The Tenth Muse. 1650. 2nd ed. of Poems.

Boston, Mass., 1678. Her works were edited by Ellis, J.H., in 1867.

*Carey, Patrick. Trivial Poems and Triolets. (Part.) 1771. (Whole.) 1819.

*Chalkhill, John. Thealma and Clearchus. 1683. Rptd. by Singer, S. W., Chiswick, 1820.

*Chamberlayne, William. Pharonnida. 1659. Rptd. by Singer, S. W., 1820.

—— Love’s Victory. 1658. (With title Wits led by the Nose.) 1678. In Singer’s reprint.

—— England’s Jubile. 1660.

Cleiveland, John. The bibliography of Cleiveland is of the most complicated kind. The most important original editions are those of 1647 (The Character of a London Diurnall, etc.), 1651, 1653, 1659 (John Cleveland Revived), 1677, Clevelandi Vindiciae: 1687—an attempt at combining all the others. All these editions exist in several reprints.

Cleiveland, John. The Poems of John Cleveland. Ed. J. Berdan. New York, n.d. (recent).

Collop, John. Poesis Rediviva. 1656.

Corbet, Richard (1582–1635), bp. of Oxford and then of Norwich. His satiric and other poems were collected in 1647 and republished in 1672 and 1807.

Cranley, Thomas (fl. 1635). Amanda, or the Reformed Whore. 1635. 2nd issue, 1639, as The Converted Courtezan. Privately rptd. 1869.

[E]llis, [E]dmund. Dia Poemata. 1655.

Flatman, Thomas. Poems. Completest ed. 1686.

Flecknoe, Richard. Original publications very numerous: never completely collected. The most noteworthy are Miscellanea, 1653, and Epigrams and Characters of All Sorts, 1673.

Gomersal, Robert. The Levite’s Revenge. 1628.

*Hall, John. Poems. 1646. Rptd. by Sir Egerton Brydges, 1816. [Cf. Hierocles, 1657, ed. Davies, J., of Kidwelly, for biography.]

*Hammond, William. Poems. 1655. Rptd. by Sir Egerton Brydges, 1816.

*Hannay, Patrick. The Nightingale, etc. 1622. Rptd. by Utterson, Beldornie Press, 1822. Rptd. by Hunterian Club, 1875.

Hawkins, Henry. Partheneia Sacra. Paris, 1633.

Heath, Robert. Clarastella. 1650.

Herbert, Edward, first lord Herbert of Cherbury (1583–1648). For a discussion of his philosophical writings, see vol. IV of the present work, pp. 335 ff. His poems in English and Latin were published in 1665. See J. Churton Collins’s ed. of 1881.

Jenkyns, Patheryke. Amorea. 1661.

Jordan, Thomas (1612?–85). His first volume was entitled Poeticall Varieties or Variety of Fancies, 1637, and this was followed by numerous verse-books, for a complete list of which see D. of N. B.

King, Henry. Poems. 1657, 1664.

—— Sacred Poems. Ed. Hannah, J. Oxford and London, 1843.

—— Selected Profane Poems. Ed. Tutin, J. R. Hull, 1904.

*Kynaston, Sir Francis. Leoline and Sydanis. 1642.

—— Troilus. Oxford, 1635.

Lawrence, Leonard. Arnalte and Lucenda. 1639.

*Marmion, Shakerley. Cupid and Psyche. 1637. Rptd. by Singer, S. W., Chiswick, 1820.

“Philander.” Tarquin and Lucretia. 1660.

*Philips, Katherine. Poems. 1667.

Picke, Samuel. Festum Voluptatis. 1639.

Prestwich, Edmund. Hippolitus and Poems. 1651.

Richards, Nathaniel. Poems. 1632.

Sheppard, S. Amandus and Sophronia. 1650.

Sherborne, Sir Edward. Salmacis, etc. 1651. Rptd. in Chalmers.

Smith, James (1605–67). His verses will be found in sundry anthologies entitled Witts Recreations, 1640; Musarum Deliciae, 1655; Wit Restored, 1658. See rpts., 1817 and 1874.

Stanley, Thomas. Poems. 1647, 1651. In Gamble’s Airs and Dialogues, 1656. Rptd. (the 1651 collection) by Sir Egerton Brydges, 1814.

—— Poems collected and rptd. by Imogen Guiney. Hull, 1907.

Townsend, Aurelian (fl. 1601–43), friend of Ben Jonson and lord Herbert of Cherbury. For his scattered poems, see D. of N. B.

W[hiting], N[athaniel]. Albino and Bellama. 1637.


Of criticism, as well as of general commentary, on these writers, there is extremely little. Outside introductions and notes to the modern reprints enumerated, it is chiefly to be found in the Restituta and Censura Literaria of Sir Egerton Brydges; in the Retrospective Review; and, more recently, in Edmund Gosse’s From Shakespeare to Pope (1885). There is a section on Pharonnida in Campbell’s Specimens. The Oxford collection contains critical introductions, general and particular, on all the authors included.