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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

V. Milton



The Works of John Milton in verse and prose, printed from the original editions with a life of the author. 8 vols. Ed. Mitford, J. 1851.


Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin, Compos’d at several times. Printed by his true Copies. The songs were set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes Gentleman of the Kings Chappel, and one of His Majesties Private Musick.… Printed and publish’d according to order. Printed by Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at the signe of the Princes Arms in Pauls Church-yard, 1645.

Poems, & c. upon several occasions. By Mr. John Milton: Both English and Latin, & c. Composed at several times. With a small Tractate of Education To Mr. Hartlib. Printed for Tho. Dring, at the White Lion next Chancery Lane End, in Fleet-street, 1673. (A later imprint reads: Printed for Tho. Dring at the Blew Anchor next Mitre Court over against Fetter Lane in Fleet-street, 1673.)

Poetical Works. Together with Explanatory Notes on each Book of the Paradise Lost, and a Table never before Printed. Printed for Jacob Tonson, at the Judges-Head near the Inner-Temple-Gate in Fleet-street, 1695 ff. Ed. Tickell, T. 1720. With Elijah Fenton’s life. 1725 ff.

Poetical Works, with notes of various authors. Ed. Newton, T. 3 vols. 1749–52.

Poems, in Johnson’s Works of the English Poets. 1779.

Poems upon several occasions; English, Italian, and Latin, with Translations. With notes critical and explanatory, and other illustrations, by Warton, T. 1785, 1791.

Poetical Works. With notes of various authors. To which are added illustrations and some account of the life and writings of Milton, by Todd, H. J. 2nd ed. with considerable additions. 7 vols. 1809. 3rd ed. 1826. New ed. with Life by Phillips, E. 1834.

Poetical Works. Ed. Hayley, W. Includes a trans. of G. B. Andreini’s Adam by Cowper, W. and Hayley, W. 4 vols. Chichester, 1810.

Poetical Works. Ed. Mitford, J. 3 vols. 1830 ff.

Poetical Works. Ed. Brydges, Egerton. 6 vols. 1835.

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Poetical Works. Ed. Montgomery, J. 1843.

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Poetical Works. Ed. Keightley, T. 1859.

English Poems. Ed. Browne, R. C. 2 vols. Oxford, 1866.

Poetical Works. Ed. with introductions, notes, and an essay on Milton’s English, by Masson, D. 3 vols. 1874 ff. Also in Golden Treasury Series, 2 vols., 1874 ff. and in Globe ed., 1877 ff.

Poetical Works. Ed. Bradshaw, J. 2 vols. 1878.

Poetical Works. Ed. Rossetti, W. M. [1880] ff.

Poetical Works. Ed. after the original texts by Beeching, H. C. 1900

Poetical Works. Ed. Moody, V. Boston, 1900.

Poetical Works. Ed. with critical notes, by Wright, W. Aldis. Cambridge, 1903.

Poetical Works. Ed. Raleigh, W. A. 1905

Minor Poems. Ed. Rolfe, W. J. New York, 1887.

Minor Poems, Facsimile of the MS. of, in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. Ed. Wright, W. Aldis. Cambridge, 1899.

Minor Poems. Ed. Beeching, H. C. 1903.

Lyric and Dramatic Poems. Ed. Sampson, M. W. New York, 1901.

Italian Poems translated [into English verse] and addressed to a gentleman of Italy. By Langhorne, J. 1776.

Latin and Italian Poems translated into English verse [with the originals]; and a fragment of a Commentary on Paradise Lost, by the late W. Cowper, with a preface and notes by the editor [Hayley, W.] and notes of various authors. Chichester, 1808.

Latin and Italian Poems. Translated into English verse by Strutt, J. G. 1814.

Poems trans. into Latin, by Hog (Hogaeus). 1690–4.

Arcades. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1891.

A Maske [Comus] Presented At Ludlow Castle, 1634: On Michaelmasse night, before the Right Honorable, John Earle of Bridgewater, Vicount Brackly, Lord Praesident of Wales, And one of His Majesties most honorable Privie Counsell.… Printed for Humphrey Robinson, at the signe of the Three Pidgeons in Pauls Church-yard. 1637.

Rptd., Cambridge, 1906. Ed. Todd, H. J. Canterbury, 1798. Ed. Sprague, H. B. New York, 1876. Ed. Ranking, B. M. and D. F. 1878. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1909. Ed. Elton, O. Oxford, 1893.

Illustrations to Milton’s Comus, by Wm. Blake (reproductions of 8 drawings). 1890.

[For eds. of Comus as altered for the stage by Dalton, J. and Colman, G., see J. P. Anderson’s bibliography in R. Garnett’s Life of Milton.]

Epitaph, An, on the admirable Dramaticke Poet W. Shakespeare. (Part of the introductory matter to the 1632 Shakespeare folio.) Written 1630.

Il Penseroso. Ed. Elton, O. Oxford, 1890.

L’Allegro. Ed. Elton, O. Oxford, 1893.

Lycidas. First edition published at the end of: Justa Edouardo King naufrago, ab Amicis mœrentibus, amoris et [char] [char].… Cantabrigiæ: Apud Thomam Buck, &Rogerum Daniel, celeberrimæ Academiæ typographos. 1638.

Rptd. and collated with the autograph copy in Lib. Trin. Col. Camb., ed. Paley, F. A., 1874. Ed. Elton, O. Oxford, 1893.

Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, L’Allegro, Il Penseroso and Lycidas. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1891.

Paradise lost. A Poem Written in Ten Books By John Milton. Licensed and Entred according to Order. Printed, and are to be sold by Peter Parker under Creed Church neer Aldgate; And by Robert Boulter at the Turks Head in Bishopsgate-street; And Matthias Walker, under St. Dunstons Church in Fleet-street, 1667. (For variations in the title pages etc. of the copies dated 1667, 1668 and 1669, see preface to W. Aldis Wright’s ed. of the Poetical Works.)

Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The Author John Milton. The Second Edition. Revised and Augmented by the same Author. Printed by S. Simmons next door to the Golden Lion in Aldersgate-street, 1674. [“The ten books of the first edition became twelve in the second by sub-dividing Books VII and X, so that the 1290 lines of the original Book VII were distributed between Books VII and VIII; Books VIII and IX then became Books IX and X, and the original Book X, which consisted of 1540 lines, was broken up into the present Books XI and XII.” W. Aldis Wright, preface to Poetical Works.] Ed. Hume, P. 1695. Ed. Bentley, R. 1732. [Full of rash emendations; see Pearce’s reply to these.] Ed.Newton, T. 1749. Ed. Lofft, Capel, Bury St. Edmunds, 1792. Ed. Boyd, J. R. New York, 1851. Ed. Shepherd, R. H. 1873. Ed. Masson, D. 1877. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1910.

Paradise Lost I and II. Ed. Beeching, H. C. and Chambers, E. K. Oxford, 1893.

[Paradise Lost was trans. into Latin by Trapp, J., 1741, and Dobson, W., Oxford, 1750; into French, by Chateaubriand, Paris, 1836, and Dupre de Saint Maur, 1729; into German, by Berge, Ernst Gottlieb von, Das verlustigte Paradeis, Zerbst, 1682; Bodmer, J. J., 1732; and into Italian, by Rolli, P., 1736, and Papi, L., Lucca, 1811; into Hebrew, by Salkinson, I. E., Vienna, 1871.]

Paradise Regain’d. A Poem. In IV Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes. The Author John Milton. Printed by J. M. for John Starkey at the Mitre in Fleetstreet, near Temple-Bar. 1671.

Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes and Poems. Ed. Newton, T. 1752. Ed. Rouse, W. H. D. 1897.

Samson Agonistes. [First published with Paradise Regain’d in 1671, see above.] Ed. Collins, J. C. Oxford, 1883. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1892. Trans. into Hebrew by Massel, J. Manchester, 1890.

[For Samson Agonistes in oratorio form, see J. P. Anderson’s bibliography in R. Garnett’s life of Milton.]

Sonnets. Ed. Pattison, M. 1883.

Sonnets. Ed. Verity, A. W. Cambridge, 1895.


The Works of Mr. John Milton [in English prose]. 1697.

A Complete Collection of the historical, political and miscellaneous works of John Milton, both English and Latin. With some papers never before publish’d. Ed. Toland, J. 3 vols. Amsterdam, 1698.

A Complete Collection of the historical, political and miscellaneous works of John Milton, containing several original papers of his, never before published. Ed. Birch, T. 2 vols. 1738, 1753.

Prose Works. Ed. Symmons, C. 1806.

Prose Works. With a biographical introduction by Griswold, R. W. 2 vols. New York, 1847.

Selections from Milton’s prose have been edited by St. John, J. A., 1836, Myers, E., 1883, Garnett, R., 1893.

Areopagitica; A Speech Of Mr. John Milton For the Liberty of Unlicenc’d Printing. 1644. Ed. Arber, E. 1868 etc. Ed. Hales, J. W. Oxford, 1866 ff.

Accedence Commenc’t Grammar. Printed for S. S. and are to be sold by John Starkey at the Miter in Fleet-street, near Temple-bar, 1669.

Animadversions Upon The Remonstrants Defence, Against Smectymnuus. Printed for Thomas Underhill, and are to be sold at the Signe of the Bible in Wood-street, 1641. [Smectymnuus=Stephen Marshall, Edmund Calamy, Thomas Young, Matthew Newcomen, William Spurstow.]

Apology, An, Against a Pamphlet Call’d A Modest Confutation of the Animadversions upon the Remonstrant against Smectymnuus: Printed by E. G. for John Rothwell, and are to be sold at the signe of the Sunne in Pauls Church-yard, 1642.

Brief Notes Upon a late Sermon Titl’d The Fear of God and the King; Preachd, and since Publishd, By Matthew Griffith, D.D. And Chaplain to the late King. Wherein many Notorious Wrestings of Scripture, and other Falsities are observed by J. M. 1660.

[Cf. R. L’Estrange’s answer to Griffith’s Sermon, No Blind Guides, 1660.]

Britain, The History of, That part especially now call’d England. From the first Traditional Beginning, continu’d to the Norman Conquest. Collected out of the ancientest and best Authours thereof by John Milton. Printed by J. M. for James Allestry, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul’s Church-Yard, 1670.

Colasterion: A Reply To A Nameles Answer Against The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce. Wherein The trivial Author of that Answer is discover’d, the Licencer conferr’d with, and the Opinion which they traduce defended. By the former Author, J. M. 1645.

A Common-Place Book of John Milton. Reproduced from the original MS. Ed. Horwood, A. J. 1876, 1877.

Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove Hirelings out of the Church. Wherein is also discourc’d of Tithes, Church-fees, Church-Revenues; and whether any maintenance of ministers can be settl’d by Law. The author, J. M. Printed by T. N. for L. Chapman at the Crown in Popeshead Alley, 1659.

Declaration, A. Or Letters Patents of the Election of this present King of Poland John the Third, Elected on the 22d of May last past, Anno Dom. 1674.… Now faithfully translated from the Latin Copy. Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons in Cornhill, 1674.

Doctrine, The, and Discipline of Divorce: Restor’d to the good of both Sexes, from the Bondage of Canon Law, and other mistakes, to Christian Freedom, guided by the Rule of Charity. Wherein also many places of Scripture, have recovered their long-lost meaning. Seasonable to be now thought on in the Reformation intended. Printed by T. P. and M. S. In Goldsmiths Alley. 1643. (The B. M. copy has the MS. notes: written by J. Milton, and Aug. 1st.)

Doctrine, The, and Discipline of Divorce: Restor’d to the good of both Sexes, From the bondage of Canon Law, and other mistakes, to the true meaning of Scripture in the Law and Gospel compar’d. Wherein also are set down the bad consequences of abolishing or condemning of Sin, that which the Law of God allowes, and Christ abolisht not. Now the second time revis’d and much augmented. In Two Books: To the Parlament of England with the Assembly. The Author J. M. 1644.

Education, Of. To Master Samuel Hartlib. [1644.] Ed. Browning, O., from ed. of 1673. Cambridge, 1883.

EIKONOK[char]A’[char]TH[char]. In Answer To a Book Intitl’d E’IK[char]’N BA[char]I[char]IKH’, The Portrature of his Sacred Majesty in his Solitudes and Sufferings. The Author J. M. Published by Authority. Printed by Matthew Simmons, next dore to the gilded Lyon in Aldersgate street. 1649.

EI’KONOK[char]A’[char]TH[char], in Answer to a Book Intitl’d The Portrature of his Sacred Majesty in his Solitudes and Sufferings. The Author J.M. Publish’d now the Second time, and much Enlarg’d. Printed by T. N., and are to be sold by Tho. Brewster and G. Moule at the three Bibles in Pauls Church-yard near the West-End, 1650. Rptd., ed. Bacon, R., 1756.

Judgement, The, Of Martin Bucer, Concerning Divorce. Writt’n to Edward the sixt, in his second Book of the Kingdom of Christ. And now Englisht. Wherein a late Book restoring the Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, is heer confirmed and justify’d by the authoritie of Martin Bucer To the Parlament of England. Publisht by Authoritie. 1644.

Letter, A, written to a Gentleman in the Country, touching the Dissolution of the late Parliament and the Reasons thereof … printed by F. Leach, for Richard Baddeley, at his shop within the Middle Temple Gate, 1653.

Letters, Milton’s Republican, or a Collection of such as were written by command of the late Commonwealth of England. 1682.

Letters of State, 1649–1659.… To which is added An Account of his Life [written by Edward Phillips]. 1694. See, also, the collection of 1700.

Letters, Original, and Papers of State addressed to Oliver Cromwell; concerning the affairs of Great Britain from the year 1649 to 1658. Found among the Political collections of Mr. John Milton. Now first published from the Originals. Ed. John Nickolls Junr. 1743.

Literae ab Olivaro protectore ad sacram regiam majestatem Sueciae. 1656.

Literae Pseudo-Senatus Anglicani, Cromwellii reliquorumque Perduellium nomine ac jussu conscriptae a Joanne Miltono. 1676. Also 1690.

Miltonis epistola ad Pollionem … Edidit et notis illustravit F. S. Cantabrigiensis, 1738. Trans. 1740.

Joannis Miltoni Angli, Artis Logicae Plenior Institutio, ad Petri Rami Methodum Concinnata, Adjecta est Praxis Annalytica et Petri Rami Vita. Libris duobus. Impensis Spencer Hickman, Societatis Typographi, ad insigne Rosae in Cœmeterio D. Pauli. 1672.

Joannis Miltoni Angli de Doctrina Christiana libri duo posthumi, quos ex schedis manuscriptis deprompsit et typis mandari primus curavit C. R. Sumner. Typis Academicis: Cantabrigiae, 1825. Trans. Sumner, C. R. Cambridge, 1825.

Joannis Miltoni Angli, Epistolarum Familiarium Liber Unus: Quibus accesserunt, Ejusdem, jam olim in Collegio Adollescentis, Prolusiones Quaedam Oratoriae. Impensis Brabazoni Aylmeri sub signo Trium Columbarum, Via vulgo Cornhill dicta. 1674. Trans. Hall, J. Philadelphia, 1829.

Joannis Miltoni Angli pro Populo Anglicano defensio, contra Claudii anonymi, alias Salmasii, Defensionem Regiam: Typis Dugardianis, [1650] 1651. Trans. Washington, J. 1692. Editio emendatior. 1651. Editio correctior et auctior, ab autore denuo recognita. 1658.

Joannis Miltoni Angli pro Populo Anglicano Defensio secunda. Contra infamem libellum anonymum [by P. du Moulin] cui titulus, Regii sanguinis clamor ad cœlum adversus parricidas Anglicanos. Typis Neucomianis. 1654. Ed. Crantzius. Hagae Comitum, 1654. Trans. Dr. Fellowes, 1806, and Wrangham, F., 1816.

Joannis Miltoni pro se Defensio contra Alexandrum Morum Ecclesiasten [P. du Moulin] Libelli famosi, cui titulus, Regii sanguinis clamor ad cœlum adversus Parricidas Anglicanos, authorem recte dictum. Typis Neucomianis. 1655.

Mr. John Milton’s Character of the Long Parliament and Assembly of Divines. In MDCXLI. Omitted in his other Works, and never before Printed, And very seasonable for these times. Printed for Henry Brome, at the Gun at the West-end of St. Paul’s, 1681.

Moscovia, A Brief History of, and of other less known Countries lying eastward of Russia as far as Cathay. Printed by M. Flesher, for Brabazen Aylmer at the Three Pigeons against the Royal Exchange, 1682.

Observations upon the Articles of Peace with the Irish Rebels, on the letter of Ormond to Col. Jones, and the Representation of the Presbytery at Belfast. 1649.

Prelatical Episcopacy, Of, And Whether it may be deduc’d from the Apostolical times by vertue of those testimonies which are alledg’d to that purpose in some late Treatises: One whereof goes under The Name of James Archbishop of Armagh. Printed by R. O. &G. D. for Thomas Underhill, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bible, in Wood Street. 1641.

Present Means and Brief Delineation of a Free Commonwealth, easy to be put in Practice and without Delay, in a letter to General Monk, The. 1660.

Readie, The, and Easie Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth, and the Excellence thereof compar’d with the inconveniences and dangers of re-admitting kingship in this nation. The author J. M. Printed by T. N., and are to be sold by Livewell Chapman at the Crown in Popes-Head Alley. 1660. (Regarding the second edition [1660?] see note in Masson’s Life, V, 679.)

Reason, The, Of Church governement Urg’d against Prelaty. By Mr. John Milton. In two Books. Printed by E. G. for John Rothwell, and are to be sold at the Sunne in Pauls Churchyard. 1641.

Reformation, Of, Touching Church-Discipline In England: And the Causes that hitherto have hindered it: Two Bookes, written to a Freind. 1641.

Scriptum dom. Protectoris … contra Hispanos. [26 Oct. 1635.] 1655. Trans. 1738.

The Tenure Of Kings And Magistrates: Proving, That it is Lawfull, and hath been held so through all Ages, for any, who have the Power, to call to account a Tyrant, or wicked King, and after due conviction, to depose, and put him to death; if the ordinary Magistrate have neglected, or deny’d to doe it. And that they, who of late, so much blame Deposing, are the men that did it themselves. The Author, J. M. Printed by Matthew Simmons, at the Gilded Lyon in Aldersgate Street, 1649, 1650.

Tetrachordon: Expositions Upon The foure chief places in Scripture, which treat of Mariage, or nullities in Mariage … Wherein the Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, as was lately publish’d, is confirm’d by explanation of Scripture, by testimony of ancient Fathers, of civill lawes in the Primitive Church, of famousest Reformed Divines. And lastly by an intended Act of the Parlament and Church of England in the last yeare of Edward the sixth. By the former Author J. M. 1645.

Treatise, A, of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical causes; showing that it is not lawfull for any power on earth to compell in matters of religion. 1659.

True Religion, Of, Haeresie, Schism, Toleration, And what best means may be us’d against the growth of Popery. The Author J. M. 1673.


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