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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

VI. Caroline Divines


Adams, Thomas (fl. 1612–53), “the prose Shakespeare of puritan theologians” (Southey). His works were collected and edited by himself in 1629, and they will be found in Nichol’s Puritan Divines, 3 vols., 1862; a selection was published at Cambridge in 1909, ed. Brown, J.

Austin, William (1587–1634), friend of James Howell and Edward Alleyn. Certayne Devout, Godly, and Learned Meditations. 1635.

Bailey, or Bayly, Lewis, or Lewes. The Practice of Pietie, directing a Christian how to walke that he may please God. 1613.

Baker, David [Augustin]. Sancta Sophia: or directions for the prayer of ontemplation. Extracted out of more than XL treaties … by A. B.… and methodically digested by … S. Cressy. 2 vols. Doway, 1657. Also ed. Sweeney, Dom N., 1876 and 1890.

Bastwick, John. The confession of the faithfull witnesse of Christ Mr. J. B. wherein he doth declare his education … in the true profession of faith. 1641.

—The Letany of J. B. Doctor of Phisicke. 1637. Ed. Somers, J., in A Catalogue of Scarce Tracts, vol. V, 1809.

Baxter, Richard. Reliquiae Baxterianae; or Mr. R. Baxter’s narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times. Faithfully publish’d from his original MS. by M. Sylvester.… 5 parts. 1696.

—— The Saints Everlasting Rest: or, a treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in Glory. 4 parts. 1649–50.

—— The Practical Works of the late rev. and pious Mr. R. Baxter … with a preface giving some account of the Author. 4 vols. 1707. Ed., with Life, Orme, W. 23 vols. 1830. Rptd., ed. Rogers, H. 4 vols. 1868.

—— Bibliographical List of the Works of Baxter. By Grosart, A. B. 1868.

Burton, Henry. A Tryall of Private Devotions: or, a Diall for the Houres of Prayer. 1628.

Calamy, Edmund (1600–66), one of the authors of Smectymnuus. For his Sermons, see D. of N. B.

Cartwright, Christopher (1602–58), of York and Peterhouse, “a very learned, peaceable and godly man” (Baxter). The Doctrine of Faith. 1649. (For his debates with Baxter, see D. of N. B.)

Cary, Lucius (2nd viscount Falkland). A discourse of Infallibility; with Mr. T. White’s answer to it; and a reply to him.… To which are now added two discourses of Episcopacy by … Viscount Falkland and W. Chillingworth. 1660.

—— The Poems of Lucius Carey. With memorial introduction and note. Grosart, A. B. Miscellanies of the Fuller Worthies Library. 1870.

—— The returnes of spiritual comfort and grief in a devout soul represented … to the Lady Letice, Vi-Countess Falkland and exemplified in the holy life … of the said … Lady. By Duncon, John. 1648. Ed. Howard, M. F. 1908.

Chillingworth, William. The religion of protestants a safe way to salvation, or an answer to a booke entituled, mercy and truth. Oxford, 1638.

—— The Works of W. C.… Containing his book, intituled, The religion of Protestants a safe way to Salvation. Together with his nine sermons preached before the King.… His letter to Mr. Lewgar, concerning the Church of Rome’s being the Guide to Faith and Judge of Controversies. His nine additional discourses. And an answer to some passages in Rushworth’s Dialogues concerning Traditions. 3 parts. 1727. Also 3 parts with Life by Birch, T. 1742. Rptd. Oxford, 1838.

—— A Discourse against the Infallibility of the Roman Church. 1660.

Cosin, John. A collection of private devotions in the practice of the ancient Church, called the Houres of Prayer. 1627.

—— Works. Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology. 5 vols. Oxford, 1843–55.

Cressy, Hugh Paulin (afterwards Serenus). The Church History of Brittany from the Beginning of Christianity to the Norman Conquest. 1668.

—— Exomologesis; or, a faithful narrative of the occasion and motives of the Conversion into Catholique Unity of H. P. de C. Paris, 1647. See, also, under Baker.

Ferrar, Nicholas. The Actions and Doctrine and other Passages touching our Lord … Jesus Christ, as they are related by the Foure Evangelists, reduced into one complete body of Historie. (Compiled by N. F. and his family.) 1635(?).

—— Divine Considerations. See ante, bibliography to chap. II.

Firmin, Giles. The Questions between the Conformist and Nonconformist, truly stated.… Together with a brief Vindication of Mr. Stephen Marshal. 1681.

Frank, Mark. Course of Sermons. 1672. Rptd. in the Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.

Gauden, John. Anti Baal-Berith; or The binding of the Covenant and all Covenanters to their good Behaviours. 1661.

—— A Sermon (on Jer. viii, II) preached … February 28, 1659. 1660.

[——] Eik&wgrave;v Ba[char]k&ngrave;; the Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in His Solitudes and Sufferings. 1649. Trans. into Latin by John Earle, 1649. See, also, the Milton bibliography and Christopher Wordsworth’s Who wrote EIK[char]N BA[char]I[char]IKH? 1824, with supplement, 1825.

Almack, E. A Bibliography of the King’s Book. 1896.

Hakewill, George (1578–1649), may be mentioned as, according to Boswell, one of the writers who formed Johnson’s style. His chief work, An Apologie … of the power and providence of God, was first published in 1627, and rptd. in 1630, and later.

Hales, John. Golden remains of the ever memorable Mr. J. H. (Dr. Balcanquals letters from the synod of Dort, Acta Synodi, etc.) 3 parts. 1659. Also 1673, 1677, 1688.

Hales, John. The Works of the ever memorable … J. H. of Eaton. Now first collected together. Ed. Dalrymple, D. 3 vols. Glasgow, 1765.

Hall, Joseph. Episcopacie by Divine Right. Asserted by J. H. 3 parts. 1640.

—— The Works of Joseph Hall. 1625. Rptd. with notes by Pratt, J. 1808. Ed. Hall. P. 12 vols. Oxford, 1837. Ed. Wynter, P. 10 vols. Oxford, 1863.

Hammond, Henry. A Paraphrase and Annotations upon … the New Testament.… 1653.

—— A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms, briefly explaining the difficulties thereof. 1659.

—— The Poor Man’s Tithing. 1641.

—— A practical Catechisme. 1645. With additions. 1646.

—— Collected Works. Ed. Fulman, W. 4 vols. 1674–84. Also Miscellaneous Theological Works in the Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology. Ed. Pocock, N. 1847–50.

Herbert, George. A Priest to the Temple, or The Country Parson his character, and Rule of Holy Life. 1652. Ed. Beeching, H. C. 1898. Ed. with note and a glossary by Waller, A. R. 1901.

Jackson, Thomas (1579–1640), “one of the best and greatest minds our church has nurtured” (Pusey). Collected Works. 3 vols. 1672–3. 12 vols. Oxford, 1844.

King, Henry (1592–1669), bp. of Chi hester, friend of Izaak Walton, and one of the executors of J. Donne. His Poems and Psalms were ed. by Hannah, J., in 1843. For the dates of the publications of his various sermons, see D. of N. B.

Laud, William. Seven Sermons preached upon severall Occasions by the Right Reverend and Learned Father in God, W … L …, late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. 1651.

—— The History of the Troubles and Tryal of William, Archbishop of Canterbury. MS. in St. John’s College, Oxford. Ed. Wharton, H. 1695.

—— Collected Works. Ed. Wharton, H. and E. 1695–1700.

—— Collected Works. Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology. Vols. I–VII. Ed. Scott, W. and Bliss, W. Oxford, 1847–60.

Laud’s Conference with Fisher. Ed. Simpkinson, C. H. 1901.

Mainwaring, Roger. Religion and Alegiance: in two sermons (on Eccl. viii, 2), preached before the Kings Majestie. 1627.

Marshall, Stephen. A Peace Offering to God: a sermon (on Ps. cxxiv, 6–8) preached to the Hon. House of Commons Sept. 7, 1641.

—— Reformation and Desolation: or a sermon (on 2 Kings xxiii, 26). Preached to … House of Commons … Decemb. 22, 1641. 1642.

—— A Sacred Panegyrick: or a Sermon of Thanksgiving (on I Chron. xii, 38–40) preached to the two Houses of Parliament Jan. 18, 1643. 1644.

Mountague, or Montagu, Richard. Appello Caesarem. A just Appeale from two Unjust Informers. 1625.

—— A Gagg for the New Gospell? No. A New Gagg for an old Goose … or, An Answere to a late Abridger of Controversies, and Belyar of the Protestants Doctrine. 1624.

—— Immediate Addresse unto God alone. 1624.

Morley, George. A Sermon (on Prov. xxviii, 2) preached at the … Coronation of … Charles ii. 1661.

Morley, George. Several Treatises, written upon several occasions, both before and since the Kings Restoration. 1683.

Morton, Thomas (1564–1659), native of York, and bishop successively of Chester, Lichfield and Durham. For a list of his writings, largely controversial, see D. of N. B.

Palmer, Herbert (1601–47). Memorials of Godlinesse and Christianitie. 1644–5, and often rptd.

Saltmarsh, John (d. 1647), Yorkshire mystic. Holy Discoveries and Flames. 1640. Rptd. 1811.

—— Sparkles of Glory. 1647. Rptd. 1811, 1847.

Sanderson, Robert. XXXVI Sermons … with a large preface … Seventh edition; corrected and amended. Whereunto is now added the life of the … author written by Isaac Walton. 3 parts. 1681. Ed. Montgomery, R. 2 vols. 1841.

—— The Works of R. S.… now first collected by Jacobson, W. (Life by Walton, I.) 6 vols. Oxford, 1854.

Sheldon, Gilbert. Davids Deliverance and Thanksgiving: a sermon (on Ps. xviii, 49) preached before the King at Whitehall. 1660.

Shelford, Robert. Five pious and learned discourses. Cambridge, 1635.

Sibbes, Richard (1577–1635). Collected Works. Ed. Grosart, A. B. 6 vols. Edinburgh, 1862–3.

Steward, Richard. Catholique Divinity. 1657.

—— A Discourse of episcopacy and sacrilege by way of letter. Written 1646. 1683.

—— Golden remains; or three sermons (on Phil. iv, 17; Mark vi, 20; Heb. X, 1–2). 1661.

Strode, William. A Sermon (on Ps. lxxvi, II) preached at a Visitation held at Lin in Norfolk. 1660.

—— The Poetical Works of W. S.… now first collected, from manuscript and printed sources: to which is added The Floating Island.… Ed. Dobell, B. 1907.

Taylor, Jeremy. A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying. 1647.

—— Ductor Dubitantium or the Rule of Conscience in all her generall measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of Cases of Conscience. 2 vols. 1660.

—— The Golden Grove: or a manuall of daily prayers and letanies fitted to the dayes of the Week. 1655.

—— The Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy Life. 3 parts. 1649.

—— The Marriage Ring; or, the mysteriousness and duties of marriage. (A sermon on Eph. V, 32–33.) 1838.

—— The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living. 1650. Ed. Waller, A. R. 2 vols. 1900.

—— The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying. 1651.

—— The Sacred Order and Offices of Episcopacy, by Divine Institution, Apostolical Tradition, and Catholic Practise … asserted against Aërians, and Acephali, new and old. Oxford, 1642.

—— The Worthy Communicant; or a discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lord’s Supper. 1660.

—— The Whole Works of … With a life of the author, and a critical examination of his writings, by Heber, Reginald. 15 vols. 1822. Ed. Eden, C. P. 10 vols. 1847–52.

Taylor, Jeremy. Poems and Verse Translations. Fuller Worthies Library Miscellanies. 1870.

Traherne, Thomas. Centuries of Meditations.… Now first printed from the author’s manuscript. Ed. Dobell, B. 1908.

Ussher, James. A Body of Divinitie, or the summe and substance of Christian religion etc. 1645.

—— The Whole Works of … J. Usher. Ed. Elrington, C. R. and Todd, J. H. 17 vols. Dublin, 1847 ff.

Whole Duty of Man, The. 1658. For evidence as to the authorship of this book, see under Pakington, Dorothy, in D. of N. B.

Widdowes, Giles. The Lawlesse Kneelesse Schismaticall Puritan. Oxford, 1631.

Wright, Abraham. Five Sermons. 1656. (In the styles of Andrewes, Hall, Mayne and Cartwright, the presbyterian way and the independent way.)


The Little Gidding Story Books. These give interesting particulars of the Ferrar family and the church at Little Gidding. They consist of five MS. books, the first dated 1631 (1632). Vols. I–III are in the Brit. Mus. (Addit. MSS. 34657–34659). The remaining two passed into the possession of Lady Lyell, a lineal descendant of the family. Parts of vols. I and II are printed in The Story Books of Little Gidding: being the religious dialogues recited in the Great Room, 1631–2. From the original manuscript of N. Ferrar. With an introduction by Sharland, E. C., 1899. There is also further Ferrar data contained in Addit. MS. 34656.

Ackland, J. E. Little Gidding and its inmates in the time of Charles I. With an account … designed and constructed by N. Ferrar. 1903.

Carr, J. A. Life of Abp. Ussher. 1895.

Carter, T. T. Nicholas Ferrar; his household and his friends. 1892.

Coleridge, S. T. Literary Remains. 2 vols. 1836. (Jeremy Taylor.)

Davies, John Hamilton. The life of R. Baxter. 1887.

Des Maizeaux, P. An historical … account of the life and writings of W. Chillingworth. 1725.

Dowden, E. Puritan and Anglican. 1901.

Fox, A. W. A Book of Bachelors. 1899. (For Henry Smith.)

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G. A. B.