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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VII. Cavalier and Puritan.

X. Antiquaries




The Works of the Learned Sr Thomas Browne.… Containing 1. Enquiries into Vulgar and Common Errors. II. Religio Medici: with Annotations and Observations upon it. III. Hydriotaphia; or, Urn-Burial: Together with the Garden of Cyrus. IV. Certain Miscellany Tracts. 1686.

Posthumous Works of the Learned Sir Thomas Browne. Printed from his Original Manuscripts, viz. 1. Repertorium: Or, The Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Norwich. II. An Account of some Urnes; &c., found at Brampton in Norfolk, Anno 1667. III. Letters between Sir William Dugdale and Sir Tho. Browne. IV. Miscellanies. To which is prefix’d his Life.… [Containing John Whitefoot’s Minutes.] 1712.

Works including his Life and Correspondence. 4 vols. Ed. Wilkin, Simon. 1835–6. 3 vols. Bohn. 1852.

Works. 3 vols. Ed. Sayle, C. 1904.

Works, including hitherto unpublished correspondence, etc. Ed. Waller, A. R. (In preparation.)

Single Works

Religio Medici. 1642. [Two unauthorised editions of this date.]

Religio Medici. 1643. [First authorised edition.] Ed. Greenhill, W. A. 1881 ff. [For a full list of editions, including translations, see Williams’s invaluable bibliography, below. The last edition of Religio Medici published during the author’s lifetime was that of 1682.]

Pseudodoxia Epidemica, or, Enquiries into very many received Tenets and commonly presumed Truths. 1646. [Considerably altered in later editions published during the author’s lifetime, the latest of which was the 6th, 1672.]

Hydriotaphia, Urne-buriall, or, A Discourse of the Sepulchrall Urnes lately found in Norfolk. Together with The Garden of Cyrus, or the Quincunciall, Lozenge, or Net-work Plantations of the Ancients, Artificially, Naturally, Mystically Considered. With Sundry Observations. 1658. [The last edition published during the author’s lifetime was that of 1669.] Ed. Evans, Sir John. 1893. Ed. Greenhill, W. A. 1896.

Certain Miscellany Tracts. 1684.

A Letter To A Friend, Upon occasion of the Death of his Intimate friend. 1690.

Christian Morals.… Published from the original manuscript. Ed. Jeffrey, J. Cambridge, 1716. London, 1756, with life by Johnson, S. Rptd., Cambridge, 1904.

Letters and Notes on the Natural History of Norfolk, more especially on the Birds and Fishes, from the MSS. of Sir Thomas Browne (B.M.); with notes by Southwell, T.

Authorities, Biography and Criticism

The following MSS. in the Sloane Collection at the British Museum contain Browne correspondence, and several original manuscripts of published works, the majority being holographic. Sloane 799, 904, 1189, 1326, 1745, 1825–1923 (with two or three exceptions), 1929, 2346, 3515, and Additional, 5233.

Coleridge, S. T. Literary Remains, vol. 1, 241–8; vol. II, 398–416. Ed. Coleridge, H. N. 1836.

Dowden, E. Puritan and Anglican. 1900.

Edinburgh Review. October 1836.

Gosse, E. W. Sir Thomas Browne. English Men of Letters. 1905.

Hazlitt, W. Lectures on the age of Elizabeth. Works. Ed. Waller, A. R. and Glover, A. Vol. V. 1902.

Johnson, Samuel. Life (see Christian Morals), rptd. in Wilkin’s ed. of Browne’s works.

Milsand, J. Étude sur Sir Thomas Browne. Revue des deux mondes. 1858.

Nevinson, H. W. Books and Personalities. 1905.

Proceedings of the Archaeological Institute. 1847.

Stephen, Leslie. Hours in a Library. 2nd ser. 1876.

Waller, A. R. Introduction to ed. of Religio Medici and Urn Burial. 1906.

Whitefoot, A. Minutes. Printed in 1712 edition of Works.

Wilkin, Simon. Supplementary Memoir, in his ed. of the Works. 1835–6.

Williams, C. A Bibliography of the Religio Medici. 2nd ed. 1907. [Indispensable.]

Wood, A. à. Athenae Oxonienses, vol. IV, 56–9; Fasti, part 1, 426, 451, 498 (in vol. II). Ed. Bliss, P. 1813–20.


David’s Hainous Sinne, Heartie Repentance, Heavy Punishment. 1631.

The Historie of the Holy Warre; by Thomas Fuller, B. D., Prebendarie of Sarum, late of Sidney Colledge in Cambridge. Printed by Thomas Buck, one of the Printers to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1639 ff.

Joseph’s Party-coloured Coat. 1640.

The Holy State and The Profane State. Cambridge, 1642.

A Fast Sermon (on Matt. V, 9) preached on Innocents day. 1642.

Truth Maintained. 1643.

A Sermon of Reformation. 1643.

Good Thoughts in Bad Times. 1645. Ed. by Waller, A. R., 1902 (together with Good Thoughts in Worse Times, and Mixt Contemplations).

Andronicus, or, the Unfortunate Politician. 1646.

Feare of losing the Old Light. 1646.

The Cause and Cure of a Wounded Conscience. 1647.

A Sermon of Assurance. 1647.

A Sermon of Contentment. 1648.

Good Thoughts in Worse Times. 1649.

The Just Man’s Funeral. 1649.

A Pisgah-sight of Palestine. 1650.

Abel Redevivus: or the Dead yet speaking. The Lives and Deaths of the modern Divines. 1651. [Only a few are by Fuller.] Ed. Nichols, W. 2 vols. 1867.

A Comment on the Eleven First Verses of the 4th chap. of S. Matt.’s Gospel. (12 sermons.) 1652.

The Infant’s Advocate. 1652.

A Comment on Ruth. 1654.

The Triple Reconciler. 1654.

The Church-History of Britain; from the Birth of Christ untill the Year 1648. 1655. Ed. Brewer, J. S. 6 vols. Oxford, 1845–8.

Life out of Death. 1655.

A Collection of (four) Sermons together with Notes upon Jonah. 1656.

The Best Name on Earth. 1657.

The Appeal of Injured Innocence. 1659.

An Alarum to the Counties of England and Wales. 1660.

Mixt Contemplations in Better Times. 1660.

A Panegyrick to His Majesty. (In verse.) 1660.

The History of the Worthies of England. 1662. Rptd. 1811, 1840.

The Poems and Translations in verse: including fifty-nine hitherto unpublished epigrams of T. Fuller, D.D. and his … form of prayer: for the first time collected, with introduction and notes. Ed. Grosart, A. B. Edinburgh, 1868.

Collected Sermons. Edd. Bailey, J. E. and Axon, W. E. 2 vols. 1891.

Biography and Criticism

Bailey, John E. The life of Thomas Fuller, with notices of his books, his kinsmen, and his friends. 1874.

Christophers, S. W. Homes of Old English Writers. [1873.]

Coleridge, S. T. Literary Remains. 2 vols. 1836.

Fuller, M. Life, Times and Writings of Thomas Fuller. 2 vols. 1884.

Fuller, Dr. Thomas, The Life of that Reverend Divine and Learned Historian. 1661.

Grosart, A. B. Introduction and notes in The Poems and Translations in verse. Edinburgh, 1868.

Jessopp, A. Selections from Fuller. 1892.

Lamb, C. Specimens from the Writings of Fuller. Works, vol. 1. Ed. Lucas, E. V. 1903.

Pepys, S. Diary.

Rogers, Henry. An Essay on the Life and Genius of Thomas Fuller. 1844.

Russell, Arthur. Memorials of the life and works of Thomas Fuller. 1856.

Tovey D. C. Reviews and Essays in English Literature. 1897.


The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation. Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, Not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers. Simon Peter said, I go a fishing: and they said, We also wil go with thee. John xxi. 3. Printed by T. Maxey for Rich. Marriot, in S. Dunstans Churchyard Fleetstreet, 1653.

The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation. Being a Discourse of Rivers, and Fish-Ponds, and Fish, and Fishing. Not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers. Printed by T. M. for Rich. Marriot, and are to be sold at his Shop in S. Dunstans Church-yard Fleetstreet. 1655 [2nd ed., largely re-written.] Also 1661, 1668, 1678 [latest during Walton’s lifetime; contains Cotton’s Instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear stream]. Ed. Hawkins, John, 1760; Major, J., 1823–4; Nicolas, N. H., 2 vols., 1836; Bethune, G. W., 2 vols., 1847, and later eds. (with bibliography of fishing books); Marston, R. B., 2 vols., 1888; Lang, Andrew, 1896; Le Gallienne, R., illustrated by New, E. H., 1897; Buchan, J., 1901.

[Cf. Barker, Thomas, The Art of Angling, 1651 (quoted by Walton). See, for later editions, Westwood and Satchell’s Bibliotheca Piscatoria, 1883.]

[Cf. Breton, Nicholas, Wit’s Trenchmour in a Conference had Betwixt a Scholler and an Angler, 1597.]

The Life of Sir Henry Wotton. Prefixed to Reliquiae Wottonianae. 1651.

The Life of John Donne. 1658. (First issued prefixed to the 1640 edition of Donne’s LXXX Sermons.)

The Life of Mr. Rich. Hooker. 1665.

The Life of Mr. George Herbert. Written by Izaak Walton. To which are added some Letters … by Mr. George Herbert. 1670.

The Life of Dr. Sanderson. 1678.

The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert … 4 pts. 1670, 1675, etc. Ed. Zouch, T., 1796; Major, J., 1825; Bullen, A. H., 1884; Dobson, A., 2 vols., 1898.

Daman and Dorus, and other miscellaneous verses are collected in R. H. Shepherd’s Waltoniana, 1878.


Alexander, W. A Journey to Beresford Hall. 1841.

British Museum. Walton’s Prayer-book, containing autobiographical notes. B. M. Cat. Liturgies, C. 61. k. 5 (1).

Grolier Club. Handlist of the various editions of The Compleat Angler.

Landor, W. S. Imaginary Conversations—Conversation xii, vol. V. 1829.

Lang, A. Social England Illustrated. 1903. [Contains rpt. of The Secrets of Angling by John Dennys, 1613, and of W. Lawson’s Comments thereon.]

Lowell, J. R. Latest Literary Essays. 1890–2.

Marston, E. Thomas Ken and Izaak Walton: a sketch of their lives and family connection. 1908.

Marston, R. B. In his edition of the Complete Angler, 1888.

—— Izaak Walton and some earlier writers on fish and fishing. 1894.

Martin, S. Izaak Walton and his Friends. 1904.

Mitford, Mary L. Recollections of a Literary Life. 1852.

Nevinson, H. W. Books and Personalities. 1905.

Nicolas, N. H. In his edition of the Complete Angler, 1836.

Shepherd, R. H. Waltoniana. 1878.

Tweddell, G. Walton and the earlier English writers on angling. 1851.

Westwood, Thomas. The Chronicle of the Compleat Angler. 1864.

Wood, A. A Bibliography of the Complete Angler of Izaak Walton. 1900.

Wood, A. à. Athenae Oxonienses. Ed. Bliss, P. 1813–20.


Epigrams, Divine and Moral. By Sir Thomas Urchard. 1641. Also 1646.

The Trissotetras: or, A Most Exquisite Table for Resolving all manner of Triangles … Most necessary for all such as would attaine to the exact knowledge of Fortification, Dyaling, Navigation, Surveying.… Now lately invented, and perfected.… Published for the benefit of those that are Mathematically affected. 1645.

Pantochronocanon: Or, A peculiar Promptuary of Time; Wherein (not one instant being omitted since the beginning of motion) is displayed A most exact Directory for all particular Chronologies, in what Family soever: And that by deducting the true Pedigree and Lineal descent of the most ancient and honourable name of the Urquharts, in the house of Cromartie, since the Creation of the world, until this present yeer of God, 1652.

Ekskubalauron: Or The Discovery of A most exquisite Jewel, more precious than Diamonds enchased in Gold, the like whereof was never seen in any age; found in the kennel of Worcester-street, the day after the fight and six before the Autumnal Equinox, anno 1651. 1652.

Logopandecteision, or an Introduction to the Universal Language. Digested into these Six several Books, Neaudethaumata, Chrestasebeia, Cleronomaporia, Chryseomystes, Neleodicastes, and Philoponauxesis. 1653.

The First [and The Second Book] Book of the Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais, Doctor in Physick … now faithfully translated into English by S. T. U. C. 1653, 1664.

The Third Book … now faithfully translated by the unimitable pen of Sir Thomas Urwhart, Kt. and Bar. The Translator of the Two First Books. 1693.

The Works of Sir Thomas Urquhart. Maitland Club. Glasgow, 1834.

Biography and Criticism

Fraser, Sir W. The Earls of Cromartie: their kindred, country and correspondence. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1876.

Irving, D. Lives of Scottish Writers. 1839.

Miller, Hugh. Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland. 1850.

Whibley, C. Tudor Translations. 1900. Rptd. in Studies in Frankness, 1898.

Willcock, John. Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie. 1899.